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Self-Cured Glass Ionomer Orthodontic Cement

Ideally suited for bonding orthodontic brackets and bands.


Product Information

GC Fuji ORTHO is a self-cured, resin reinforced glass ionomer cement ideally suited for bonding orthodontic brackets and bands. Its placement in a wet field simplifies application and bonding procedures. It can be used with a non-etch or etch technique.

GC Fuji ORTHO is easy to use and has been clinically proven to significantly reduce chair time and increase patient and operator comfort. Because it's a true glass ionomer cement, it releases fluoride to protect against decalcification and decay. After two years of clinical trials, brackets were debonded easily without decalcification.

GC Fuji ORTHO effectively supports brackets, bands and wires for the duration of the orthodontic treatment and removes easily at case completion.

Why choose GC Fuji ORTHO?

  • Excellent adhesion even in a humid environment
  • Simplified technique, easy debond and clean up
  • No etch required
  • Use with or without etching enamel 
  • No enamel fractures
  • Significant fluoride release and recharge
  • No decalcification 
  • Prevents caries formation
  • High success rate

SKU Information

Item Number Description
0101B859-0000 Powder - Contains: one (40g) bottle of powder.
0101B860-0000 Liquid - Contains: one (8g) bottle of liquid.