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GC Initial® Spectrum Stain

GC Initial® Spectrum Stain

Universal Stain & Glaze System
GC Initial® Sprectrum Stain

Product Information

GC Initial® Spectrum Stain is a universal stain and glaze system for the individualized staining and characterization of ceramic materials. This product is a powder stain available in a variety of 16 colors. It is the latest extension to the GC Initial® product portfolio.

Why choose GC Initial® Spectrum Stain?

  • Stains and glaze for external staining of ceramic materials and internal characterization of layering ceramics

  • Perfectly compatible will almost all types of dental ceramics

  • Due to its wide CTE range, only one set for all GC Initial® Systems is needed

  • Adaptable consistency of stains and glaze can be adapted to the preferred consistency of the user

SKU Information

Item Number Description
877094 Set - Contains: Quantity of 16 Spectrum Stains SPS1 – SPS16 (3 g each), 1 Spectrum Glaze Powder GL (10 g), 1 Spectrum Glaze Liquid (25 mL), 1 Spectrum Glaze Paste Liquid (8 mL) and 1 Spectrum Stain Shade Guide.