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Light-Cured Radiopaque Flowable Composite

Product Information

SOLARE Flo is an integral part of the SOLARE Sculpt range of restorative materials. SOLARE Flo’s innovative filler technology give a full strength composite in a flowable consistency. Designed for traditional flowable applications but strong enough to be placed in any cavity classifications. That is a flowable with impressive strength!

Why choose SOLARE Flo?

  • A universal restorative that is strong for posterior restorations and highly aesthetic for anterior work, making it a versatile choice for dentists in any clinical situation.
  • Optimal viscosity for lining which ensures excellent adaptation without voids & wettability to the cavity walls
  • High radiopacity that allows an easy diagnosis even at a thickness of only 0.5 mm!
  • Unique ergonomic syringe design with long & thin nozzle makes it possible to reach even the deepest of cavities
  • Unique self-polishing properties and manufacturing innovation
  • Excellent handling properties and optimal durability

SKU Information

Item Number Description
0137F096-0010 Shade A1 - Contains: one syringe (0.56 mL / 1g)
0137F096-0020 Shade A2 - Contains: one syringe (0.56 mL / 1g) 
0137F096-0030 Shade A3 - Contains: one syringe (0.56 mL / 1g)
0137F096-0040 Shade A3.5 - Contains: one syringe (0.56 mL / 1g)