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Saliva-Check BUFFER

Saliva-Check BUFFER

In Vitro Test for pH & Saliva Buffering Capacity

A saliva-testing examination tool that is used to educate patients, assist in preventive treatment planning and properly select dental materials in order to initiate changes in the patient’s oral hygiene.

Saliva-Check BUFFER

Product Information

Saliva-Check BUFFER plays a significant role in maintaining oral health. It identifies, measures and assesses the patient’s saliva condition, which helps determine the body's possible risk of caries. It is also helpful for testing hydration, salivary consistency, resting saliva pH, stimulated saliva flow, stimulated saliva pH and saliva buffering capacity. Saliva-Check BUFFER is ideal for use during routine oral examinations.

Saliva Check Buffer kit is divided into 5 different steps, the first 3 steps involving unstimulated saliva while the last 2 steps involve the stimulated saliva. As the functions and characteristics of these two forms of saliva are different, by evaluating both, the test results will become very useful diagnostic and powerful communication tools to the patients.

Why choose Saliva-Check BUFFER?

  • Assists in diagnosis and preventive treatment design

  • Simple, comprehensive saliva testing procedures

  • Easily works into the patient's oral examination procedure

  • Checks the flow rate, viscosity and consistency of non-stimulated saliva to inform how the patientʼs lifestyle influences their oral health.

  • Checks the pH of the patientʼs resting saliva to determine whether acid levels are dangerously high, possibly causing erosion or caries problems.

  • Checks the quantity of stimulated saliva to enable you to identify any major salivary gland diseases.

  • Checks the buffering capacity of stimulated saliva to define the effectiveness of the saliva in neutralizing acids in the mouth.

SKU Information

Item Number Description
  Kit - Contains: Quantity of 20 in vitro pH test strips pH (5.0 – 8.0), 20 Saliva Collection Cups, 20 Wax Gum Pieces (for saliva stimulation), 20 Saliva Dispensing Pipettes and 20 Buffer Test Strips.