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Light-Cured Radiopaque Composite Restorative

Effortlessly beautiful restorations achieved with this all-round composite restorative material.


Product Information

G-ænial ANTERIOR / POSTERIOR is the material of choice when you are looking for a restorative that will meet the aesthetic expectations of all your patients - in most cases with only one shade.

Being a forgiving composite that offers beautiful and natural looking high gloss restorations whilst being extremely easy to use, makes it a composite suited to everyday use.

G-ænial ANTERIOR / POSTERIOR also gives you more working time so you are free to shape and sculpt it to obtain the ideal anatomical form and aesthetics with ease.

Why choose G-ænial ANTERIOR / POSTERIOR?

G-ænial Anterior will reinforce your aesthetic skills and ability to match every restoration with nature.

  • Suited to all application techniques: from mono-shade beauty to a thousand aesthetics possibilities using multi-shade layering
  • Smooth, non-sticky viscosity that can even be handled with a brush
  • Stress-free work in multi-layer restorations: working time of around 4 min
  • Aesthetic & radiopaque: unique patented High-Density Radiopaque (HDR) filler technology for easy traceability through X-rays
  • The unique composition offers a scattering of light similar to natural tooth. This results in virtually invisble restorations, even when using only one shade


G-ænial Posterior is formulated to provide both strength and low shrinkage stress to help reducing the risk of long term failure.

  • Excellent aesthetics with just a single shade
  • Adequate radiopacity of 252% Al facilitates the follow-up
  • Non-sticky packable viscosity for better control contouring and building anatomical forms

SKU Information

Item Number Description
0129F239-0000 Quick Start Kit - Contains: 7 syringes (2.7 mL / 4.7g) of A1, A2, A3, B2, JE, AE, IE and a shade guide
0129F243-0020 ANTERIOR Shade A1 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0030 ANTERIOR Shade A2 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0040 ANTERIOR Shade A3 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0050 ANTERIOR Shade A3.5 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0060 ANTERIOR Shade A4  - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0160 ANTERIOR Shade AE - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0120 ANTERIOR Shade AO2 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0130 ANTERIOR Shade AO3 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0140 ANTERIOR Shade AO4 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0220 ANTERIOR Shade B1 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0070 ANTERIOR Shade B2 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0080 ANTERIOR Shade B3 -  Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0010 ANTERIOR Shade BW - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0090 ANTERIOR Shade C3 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0100 ANTERIOR Shade CV - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0110 ANTERIOR Shade CVD - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0200 ANTERIOR Shade CVE - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0180 ANTERIOR Shade IE - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0150 ANTERIOR Shade JE  - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0190 ANTERIOR Shade SE - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0170 ANTERIOR Shade TE - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0129F243-0210 ANTERIOR Shade XBW - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 4.7g)
0130F078-0010 POSTERIOR Shade P-A1 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 5.5g)
0130F078-0020 POSTERIOR Shade P-A2 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 5.5g)
0130F078-0030 POSTERIOR Shade P-A3 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 5.5g)
0130F078-0040 POSTERIOR Shade P-A3.5 - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 5.5g)
0130F078-0060 POSTERIOR Shade P-IE - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 5.5g)
0130F078-0050 POSTERIOR  Shade P-JE - Contains: one syringe (2.7 mL / 5.5g)
0129F244-0000 G-ænial  Shade Guide