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GC Initial® LRF Block

GC Initial® LRF Block

Leucite-Reinforced Glass Ceramic CAD/CAM Block

An innovative new leucite-reinforced feldspar ceramic block that offers the highest aesthetics of traditional feldspathic porcelain with added flexural strength by adding the perfect combination of leucite ceramic.

GC Initial® LRF Block

Product Information

GC Initial® LRF Block features a leucite reinforcement of glass ceramic that offers increased flexural strength and resistance against possible crack formations and chipping at the margins. The particle size and particle distribution of the leucite crystals contribute to the aesthetic appearance as they reflect the incident light in nature the same way. These ceramic particles are homogenously distributed and dense providing your patients restorations that are not only beautiful and aesthetic, but strong and durable as well.

Why choose GC Initial® LRF Block?

  • High density - less risk of cracking and chipping
  • Extremely smooth surfaces after milling
  • Easy-to-polish or glaze with dedicated glaze paste
  • Chameleon effect offers optimal color integration