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G-ænial™ Universal Flo

G-ænial™ Universal Flo

Universal Light-Cured Radiopaque Flowable Composite

Represents the next advancement in the flowable composites category. With GC's G-ænial™ Universal Flo you get an exclusive blend of injectable viscosity for easy and convenient placement even in deep cavities, combined with outstanding physical properties for safe and durable restorations.

G-aenial™ Universal Flo

Product Information

G-ænial™ Universal Flo has higher strength, higher wear resistance, and higher gloss retention than other tested flowable composites; it even rivals leading conventional composites in these categories. Finally - no more sacrifices to receive the handling professionals love!

G-ænial™ Universal Flo operates like a low-flow flowable, and performs like a restorative

Why choose G-ænial™ Universal Flo?

G-ænial Universal Flo offers you the perfect blend of strength, handling and aesthetics:

  • Easy access, handling and placement

  • Highly thixotropic, with an excellent flow

  • Recommended for Class I, II, III, IV and V restorations

  • Higher strength than the leading flowables and conventional composites

  • bis-GMA free

  • Excellent wear resistance, even better than with regular paste composites, for optimal use on occlusal and cervical surfaces

  • Unsurpassed polishability with beautiful esthetics, excellent gloss retention

  • Wide range of shades in three levels of translucency for the highest aesthetics

SKU Information

Item Number Description
0130F151-0010 Shade A1 -  Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0020 Shade A2 - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0030 Shade A3 - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0040 Shade A3.5 - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0050 Shade A4 - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0150 Shade AE  - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0100 Shade AO2 - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0110 Shade AO3 - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0060 Shade B1 - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0070 Shade B2 - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0080 Shade B3 - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0120 Shade BW - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0090 Shade C3 -  Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0130 Shade CV - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)
0130F151-0140 Shade JE - Contains: one syringe (3.4g / 2 mL each)