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Clear, VPS Material for Bite Registration

Product Information

EXACLEAR™ is an innovative, clear vinyl polysiloxane material that fulfils the needs of demanding aesthetic cases and facilitates consistent results.  Its amazing transparency offers total visual control making it ideal for creating outstanding aesthetic results in complex clinical situations.  Its versatility in use makes it a perfect product to be used by a dentist, a lab technician, an orthodontist or an implantologist. Thanks to its transparency, ease of handling and rigidity after setting, EXACLEAR™ makes complex procedures much easier and provides a smoother workflow.

EXACLEAR™ is ideally suited for the injection moulding technique and clear stent fabrication for creation of provisional and permanent restoration both for chairside and laboratory use.


Why choose EXACLEAR™?

  • Crystal Clear View
    • The high transparency offers a great visual control for details visibility.
    • The unparalleled transparency allows very effective light-curing through the silicone.
  • Optimal Consistency
    • It has an optimal consistency for an easy placement in the tray.
    • It perfectly reproduces details as the product becomes fluid during insertion to perfectly adapt to the preparation.
    • It is very easy to cut or drill the silicone for the injection moulding technique.
    • It has a very good tear strength, while being flexible enough to be removed from the mouth.
  • Time Saving
    • EXACLEAR™ allows you to skip steps in the conventional treatment and save time altogether.
    • After just 2 minutes intra-orally the impression is set and can be removed.
    • When working on a model, the material will set within 7 minutes.

SKU Information

Item Number Description
12793 Cartridge Pack - Contains: two (48 mL) cartridges and 6 mixing tips (size L).