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Acrylic Temporary Relining Material

Product Information

SOFT-LINER is an acrylic temporary relining material for the temporary rebasing (relining) of acrylic dentures & tissue conditioning.

Why choose SOFT-LINER?

  • Fast application

  • No heat irritation

  • Easy to trim

  • Good retention

  • Smooth surface minimises unwanted food debris retention

  • Simple to remove from the denture at the end of the treatment

SKU Information

Item Number Description
0104B236-0000 Soft-Liner 1-1 PKG - Contains: one (100g) bottle of powder, one (97 mL) bottle of liquid and accessories.
0104B239-0000 Liquid - Contains: one bottle refill (100g). 
0104B237-0000 Powder - Contains: one bottle refill (100g).