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Universal Sculptable Composite Restorative

A high-strength, universal composite with optimised handling so clinicians can place beautifully adapted restorations with ease. 


Product Information

SOLARE Sculpt is a universal sculptable composite with advanced light-scattering technology that merges GC's innovative single dispersion nano-fillers for invisible margins and beautiful restorations.

SOLARE Sculpt incorporates three unique filler technologies Single Dispersed Nanofillers (SDN), Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC) and High-performance Pulverised CERASMART (HPC). The combination of these technologies allows you to sculpt beautiful high gloss aesthetic restorations with benchmark strength, wear resistance and durability.

SOLARE Sculpt is the smart solution for your everyday restorations, simple and versatile, use it anywhere: anterior or posterior, any cavity classification. Just four shades will cover all your single shade restorative needs. 

Why choose SOLARE Sculpt?

  • Universal composite for all cavity classification
  • Excellent handling with more working time
  • 4 shades that cover all your restorative needs
  • Beautiful gloss and gloss retention that lasts
  • Self-polishing and fast finishing
  • Effortless handling with 4 mins working time

SKU Information

Item Number Description
0137F097-0010 Shade A1 - Contains: one syringe (1 mL / 1.9g)
0137F097-0020 Shade A2 - Contains: one syringe (1 mL / 1.9g) 
0137F097-0030 Shade A3 - Contains: one syringe (1 mL / 1.9g)
0137F097-0040 Shade A3.5 - Contains: one syringe (1 mL / 1.9g)