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Light-Cured Anterior Composite Restorative

Product Information

SOLARE is a light-cured, micro-filled hybrid resin composite with microfine pre-polymer resin fillers, a unique coupling agent and urethane dimethacrylate co-monomer matrix. This product offers significant advantages in aesthetics, polishability, wear resistance and fracture toughness. Designed to be the best enamel replacement ever, SOLARE has tooth-like colour reflection, absorption and life-like optical properties including: brightness, translucency and warmth.

Why choose SOLARE?

  • Perfectly matches and adapts to natural tooth shade resulting in invisible aesthetics
  • Simple, easy shade selection
  • Non-sticky consistency for superior handling
  • Low polymerisation shrinkage stress
  • Easy to polish for a smooth, glossy surface
  • Optimum translucency

SKU Information

Item Number Description
0135F226-0010 Shade A1 - Contains: one syringe (2 mL / 3g)
0135F226-0020 Shade A2 - Contains: one syringe (2 mL / 3g)
0135F226-0030 Shade A3 - Contains: one syringe (2 mL / 3g)
0135F226-0040 Shade A3.5 - Contains: one syringe (2 mL / 3g)
0135F226-0060 Shade AO3 - Contains: one syringe (2 mL / 3g)
0135F226-0050 Shade B2 - Contains: one syringe (2 mL / 3g)
0135F226-0070 Shade CV - Contains: one syringe (2 mL / 3g)