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Temporary Self-Curing, Acrylic Crown & Bridge Resin

Provision of temporary restorations on a model or in the mouth.


Product Information

For the preparation of temporary crowns, bridges or dentures and space maintenance. TEMPRON can be used direct in the mouth or on a model.

Why choose TEMPRON?

  • Rapid cross linking

  • Smooth surfaces without porosities

  • Suitable for making repairs

  • Comfortable working time

SKU Information

Item Number Description
0104B164-0000 1-1 PKG - Contains: one (100g) bottle of powder, one (100g) bottle of liquid and accessories.
0104B160-0000 Powder - Contains: one bottle refill (100g).  
0104B163-0000 Liquid - Contains: one bottle refill (100g).