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Surgical & Periodontal Dressing

Two-component material for wound dressing, to cover stitches or to stabilise loose teeth.


Product Information

COE-PAK™ is a eugenol-free, surgical dressing and periodontal pack that has no burning sensation, no unpleasant taste or odor, and offers proven protection to surgical sites. COE-PAK™ promotes cleanliness and healing.

Plastic and cohesive, ropes of any length or thickness can be formed. The smooth texture allows this product to adapt closely to the teeth and tissue in order to protect the wound. It sets with resilient, non-brittle hardness.

Why choose COE-PAK™?

  • Less waste and ready to use in three minutes, hard and fast set are ready in one minute 
  • Won’t stick to gloves
  • Long-lasting and reliable
  • Resilient hardness to resist fracture or breakage - no jagged edges to endanger patient
  • Eugenol-free; reduces irritation
  • Smooth, cohesive mix - easy to form desired intra-oral shapes

SKU Information

Item Number Description
135003 AUTOMIX NDS - Contains: two cartridges (50 mL each) and 12 mixing tips.
135001 Standard Package (Regular Set) - Contains: one base (90 g) and one catalyst (90 g).