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Light-Cured Glossy, Protective Coating Agent

Product Information

OPTIGLAZE™ is a nano-filled, light-cured, protective coating for composite and acrylic indirect composites. This product provides an aesthetic glossy surface on indirect composite restorations, artificial teeth, removable dentures, temporary crowns and individual acrylic trays.

It can be used in difficult to polish areas such as posterior fissures or interproximal areas of indirect composite restorations. So, instead of mechanical polishing, take the easier option and use the higher quality final gloss, OPTIGLAZE™.

Why choose OPTIGLAZE™?

  • Single-dispersion, nano-filler technology
  • High resistency against wear and discoloration 
  • Superior bond durability for a long-lasting gloss
  • Very thin coating layer, with no influence on restoration color
  • For direct application in the mouth, GC recommends the use of G-COAT PLUS™
  • Easy to use; apply onto the surface with a brush and light-cure for 3 minutes