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Pliers for Removal of Prosthetic Appliances

Product Information

GC PLIERS can be used alone or with enhancement items. GC PLIERS have a specially rasped finish with small sharp pins for a positive grip use (with rubber tips and/or emery powder). Difficult removals makes them a must in every dental office. Special enhancements: rubber tips and emery powder allow for a positive grip on cast crowns and will not harm surface of crowns or veneers


Why choose GC PLIERS?

  • Better grip for temporary crowns

  • Solid gripping on cast crowns

  • Gentle on ceramic and resin veneered surfaces/crowns

  • Minimizes the risk of a margin fracture or pinching of the tissue

  • Stainless steel construction allows for easy sterilization and disinfection

  • Special rasped finish with small sharp pins for a positive grip on temporary crowns

SKU Information

Item Number Description
800111 GC PLIERS


Instructions For Use