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Dental Ceramic Material

Product Information

PROCEED range of ceramics enables you to master all your aesthetic prosthetic challenges. When you are looking for a ceramic that can meet the requirements for a productivity lab, or when you are looking for a ceramic that offers the highest levels of flexibility, or when you are looking for a ceramic that offers you unlimited possibilities for individualization… look no further than PROCEED. Because regardless of your challenges, with PROCEED you will be able to come up with a solution for every prosthetic restoration, regardless of the type of framework, build up procedure or economic aspect.

PROCEED is the "must have" ceramic for its ease of use. The crystallinity and unique grain size of PROCEED give this ceramic excellent modelling properties and colour stability even after repeated firings.

This is why the PROCEED range of ceramics can probably be called one of the most versatile systems adapted to the needs of today’s modern dental laboratories.

Why choose PROCEED?

  • Effortless handling 
  • Easy to polish
  • No slump of the ceramic 
  • Low shrinkage due to the density of the material
  • Great adhesion of the glass crystals on the opaque 
  • High aesthetic 
  • Optimum fluorescence
  • High colour accuracy