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About GC Asia

GC Initial® LiSi Block

Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic CAD/CAM Block
LiSi Block


Bulk Fill Glass Hybrid Long Term Restorative System


Universal Self-Adhesive Resin Cement


Force-Absorbing, Hybrid Ceramic CAD/CAM Block

G-ænial™ Universal Injectable

Universal Light-Cured Radiopaque Injectable Composite
G-ænial Universal Injectable

everX Flow™

Short-Fiber Reinforced Flowable Composite for Dentin Replacement
everX Flow

GC Asia Dental Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 1994 after the Oceania market was already well established by 1992 and growing fast, thanks to the introduction of the new innovative glass ionomer products. GC Asia’s aim was to be the leading dental company in South-East Asia, Oceania and India with the intent to establish legal entities when required in countries that demanded increased operational and distribution efficiencies.


Successful Products

GC Asia worked very closely with Japan and Singapore and became the distribution hub for all products made in Japan as well as GC Europe and GC America. Major success stories on the Asian market were the following GC products: Fuji II LC, Fuji Bond LC, Fuji IX (A.R.T.) Fuji IX GP, GC Mini Packs, GC Tooth Mouse and GC Dry Mouth Gel. Each of these products were first launched in Asia before becoming available in other GC global territories. The current basic concepts from GC, such as “Minimum Intervention,” are a huge success and part of our core philosophy.



Establishment of an Indian and Australian Branch

In 2003, GC Asia began its cooperation with India, which was after Australia the second largest, but most populous country in GC Asia territories. GC Asia started to employ a large number of sales and marketing personnel, for they knew there was a large Indian middle class of around 300 million. Plans had already been made to consider the establishment of a branch office when the annual turnover reached a certain level. Later, when annual sales could support the cost of such an operation, the people in charge knew it would be crucial to install an Indian operating subsidiary. In 2008, GC India was established in India’s fifth largest city, Hyderabad. In 2012 GC India Dental Pvt Limited was established as a separate legal entity with the intent of initiating GC’s first SMART Quality range of dental products. The first product was a VPS material FLEXCEED which was received with enormous success. GC India now exports Flexceed to South-East Asia and Eastern Europe. GC India also received QA Certified Section Award apart from ISO and CE Certifications. One year after the foundation of the Indian subsidiary, GC formalised its presence in the Australian & New Zealand markets with the establishment of GC Australasia Dental Pte. Ltd.


Asia’s Current Expansion

GC Asia covers the market of the rapidly growing Asian countries. GC Asia has the important task of gaining market share by continuing the activities based on GC’s strengths and with a long-term perspectives.


As a dental care product manufacturer of global standing, GC Asia Dental constantly seeks to produce high quality dental care products that supports the vitality and well-being of people all over the world; dedicated to make an important contribution to oral health. GC is steadfast in setting benchmarks in dentistry; focusing not only on the latest scientific knowledge, but also on the safety and quality of our dental care products and equipment.


GC continues to create high value-added dental care products that improve oral health for the people of the 21st Century; the “Century of Health.



  • GC was founded on 11 February in Japan

  • Set up of GC International Singapore branch

  • Launch of Fuji IX ART in Southeast Asia

  • Establishment of GC Asia Dental Pte Ltd in Singapore
  • Entered into a three-year contract in supplying Fuji IX to Indonesian Hospitals

  • Received a letter of appreciation from Nepal
  • Set up of GC Asia Dental - India Liaison office

  • Participated in the FDI Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Launched Tooth Mousse in Oceania/Asia region

  • GC Asia Dental entered a joint venture in Cooperative Research Center for Oral Health Science with the School of Dental Science, University of Melbourne
  • Participated in FDI Exhibition in Sydney, Australia where the Minimal Intervention (MI) concept was launched

  • Participated in FDI Exhibition in New Delhi, India

  • Set up of GC Asia Dental - India branch in Hyderabad, India

  • Establishment of GC Australasia Dental Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia
  • Participated in FDI Exhibition in Singapore

  • Establishment of GC India Dental Private Limited

  • Establishment of GC International AG in Lucerne, Switzerland to lead international businesses from GC America, GC Europe and GC Asia
  • Inauguration of new GC Asia Head Office in Singapore
  • Inaugural Ceremony of GC India Production facility for Flexceed kit
  • Participated in FDI Exhibition in New Delhi, India
  • GC India received ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certificates
  • GC India attained CE certification
  • GC Australasia represented GC Asia in the 1st Global Sales Competition in Japan, aligned with the GC 95th Anniversary
  • Completion of Flexceed Transplantation Project where the production of Flexceed began
  • GC Australasia Dental Pty. Ltd changed its Business Model Selling entity
  • GC India started export of Flexceed to Singapore
  • Australian Dental Congress (ADC) GC Silver Wave Symposium: hosted by Mr. Nakao in recognition of GC's 95th Anniversary
  • GC/Henry Schein 50 Years of Partnership celebration with Mr. Nakao and Mr. Henri Lenn
  • Launch of GC India Membership program
  • GC Asia Kaizen Innovation (KI) on Sculpt Sales Strategy in India won the first prize within the GC International AG group
  • Relocation of GC Asia Head Office to Tampines Plaza in Singapore
  • GC Australasia commenced the selling of Tooth Mousse within the OTC retail pharmacy channel
  • GC India smart facility was awarded QA Certification by Dr. Kiyotaka Nakao

  • GC Australasia expanded the presence of Tooth Mousse in OTC retail pharmacies across ANZ (Chemist Warehouse)
  • GC India exported the first Flexceed Consignment to Europe

  • GC 100th Anniversary
  • GC Australasia commenced the selling of Tooth Mousse within ANZ's largest grocery group (Woolworths)