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GC Initial™ LiSi Press

GC Initial™ LiSi Press

Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramics
GC Initial™ LiSi Press

Product Information

Initial LiSi Press is the first Lithium Disilicate ceramic ingot with High Density Micronization (HDM), a technology unique to GC that provides unsurpassed physical properties and the most natural, lifelike aesthetics of any pressed ceramic option on the market today.

The result is the ultimate combination of strength and aesthetics, making Initial LiSi Press perfectly suitable for all types of restorations through all levels of transparency.

Why choose GC Initial LiSi Press?

  • Unparalleled aesthetics:

    Richer, warmer, brighter colour with excellent fluorescence
    Predictable material and colour stability after repeated firings
    Optimised for use Initial LiSi veneering ceramic and Initial Lustre Pastes NF

  • Unsurpassed flexural strength
  • Seamless learning curve
  • Real time savings
  • Almost no reaction layer when devested - cleaner presses
  • Easy layer removal with glass bead blasting - no hydrofluoric acid
  • Lower solubility than other leading brands - permanent gloss
  • Antagonist friendly and wear resistant



  • Occlusal veneers
  • Thin veneers
  • Veneers
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Crowns in the anterior and posterior region
  • 3-unit bridges in the anterior region
  • 3-unit bridges in the premolar region up to the second premolar as most lateral unit
  • Crown or splinted crown on top of an implant abutment
  • 3-unit bridges up to the second premolar placed on top of an implant abutment

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