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Self-Curing Acrylic Resin for Temporary Inlays, Crowns, Bridges & Repairs

Product Information

UNIFAST III introduces the SURF Technology (Surface Uniformity Revolutionary Fixation Technology), a revolutionary polymer processing technology where polymer particles are coated with pigment and guarantee bubble-free, long-lasting and even-coloured mixtures.

Handling, physical properties and aesthetics have reached levels beyond expectation with powder liquid resins.

Why choose UNIFAST III?

  • SURF Technology (Surface Uniformity Revolutionary Fixation Technology), a new and revolutionary polymer processing technology
  • Perfect balanced composition for long term temporaries
  • Unsurpassed adaptability, wear resistance, hardness, and flexural strength
  • No need for additional filler
  • Polymer particles
  • Coated with pigment 
  • Guaranteed for bubble-free and long lasting exceptionally even-coloured mixtures
  • Superior handling for brush-on & pouring technique
  • Shade range to meet the highest demands
  • Time saving coating agent OPTIGLAZE
  • Easy to use, easy to store and good for the environment