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GC Dry Mouth Gel

GC Dry Mouth Gel

Neutral pH Gel for Dry Mouth Relief
GC Dry Mouth Gel

Product Information

Dry Mouth Gel is a unique, sugar free product designed to help relieve dry mouths and provide long lasting comfort and a soothing effect for patients. Uniquely, unlike most saliva substitutes, Dry Mouth Gel has a neutral pH, meaning that effective symptomatic relief can be provided, whilst preserving oral pH within the safe range to prevent demineralisation.

If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.

Why choose GC Dry Mouth Gel?

  • Provides up to 4 hours of relief from symptoms of dry mouth
  • Has a near neutral pH providing effective symptomatic relief while preserving the oral pH in the safe range to prevent demineralisation
  • Does not interfere with the action of fluoride products or GC Tooth Mousse
  • Sugar free
  • Available in 5 delicious flavours: Raspberry, Mint, Orange, Lemon, Fruit Salad



  • Mouth-breathing during sleep
  • Drug-induced dry mouth from medication
  • Conditions which can impair salivary flow such as Sjogrens’s syndrome, patients undergoing radiation therapy, diabetes mellitus, chronic hepatitis C and connective tissue auto-immune diseases


Always read and follow instructions for use

Avoid the use of GC Dry Mouth Gel in patients with known allergies to hydroxybenzoate. Avoid contact with eyes: in case of contact, flush immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Anyone who is taking prescription medications should consult a doctor before using GC Dry Mouth Gel. In rare cases, GC Dry Mouth Gel may cause sensitivity in some people. If any such reactions are experienced, discontinue the use of the product and refer to a physician. When used in conjunction with GC Tooth Mousse / GC Tooth Mousse Plus: GC Tooth Mousse and GC Tooth Mousse Plus contain CPP-ACP (RECALDENT® ) which is derived from cow’s milk. GC Tooth Mousse and GC Tooth Mousse Plus also contain hydroxybenzoate and soybean products. Do not use GC Tooth Mousse and GC Tooth Mousse Plus if you have a suspected or proven allergy to milk proteins, benzoate preservatives, or soybean products. Do not use GC Tooth Mousse Plus in children 6 years of age or less. The overnight home application of GC Tooth Mousse Plus is not recommended for children under the age of 12. Do not swallow GC Tooth Mousse Plus. Do not use GC Tooth Mousse Plus except on the advice of a dentist. In case of an allergic reaction: stop use, rinse mouth with water, and seek medical advice.