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Light-Curing Acrylic for Temporary Restorations

Product Information

Temporary treatment of prepared teeth and gaps is an essential part of successful, well-fitting prosthetic work, and must take account of functional, periodontal and aesthetic aspects.

The light-cured Unifast LC matches precisely to the requirements of short-term, temporary restorations.

Based on methyl methacrylate resin this product meets the needs for speed of treatment, problem-free removal during the setting phase as well as the economical aspect.

The advantages of this class of material perfectly satisfy the particular demands associated with the short-term provision of temporary inlays or onlays, single crowns and short-span bridges.

Why choose UNIFAST™ LC?

  • Simple application
  • Suitable for complex cases
  • Initially self curing to rubber like consistency
  • Easy removal from mouth
  • Finally light curing
  • Controlled setting
  • Excellent hardness
  • Dimensionally stable


Instructions For Use