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About GC America

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Cost-Effective Long Term Restorative Alternative

Message From the President

Joe Talanges, President & COO

Whether you’re a dental professional, a dental industry colleague who shares our longstanding commitment to improved oral health or someone looking for a mission-driven, global organization to grow your career, we are GC America and would love to share our unique story with you!

GC America Inc. is a leading private manufacturer of professional consumable dental care products and one of the fastest growing dental companies in the world.  Founded in 1992, we are the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of GC Corporation, the world’s fourth-largest professional dental consumables manufacturer in the world.  Our global headquarters is in in Lucerne, Switzerland and we were founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1921.

We dedicate ourselves to customer needs and delivering the highest quality products because our cross-cultural corporate identity is grounded in a unique philosophy called “Semui,” a Japanese term drawn from ancient Buddhist teachings that means to put the needs of others ahead of one’s own.

A 2014 recipient of the Deming Prize for total quality management (TQM), GC America is the first U.S. dental company and only the fourth company in the country to earn one of the world’s oldest and most widely recognized total quality awards.

We offer a unique, globally inspired value proposition for our employees we refer to as Associates, and we have exciting growth and expansion plans.  Thus, we are continually seeking new Associates who care about growing meaningful and rewarding careers while promoting oral health as a vital link to the quality and longevity of human lives.

We’d like to invite you to learn more about our products and the people that define our growing company. We believe advancing and supporting the interests of good oral health on a global scale can change lives for the better, and we strive to demonstrate that commitment every day.

To watch our corporate video, click here.


  • Coe Laboratories is established in Chicago, IL USA.

  • Coe Laboratories, owned by ICI, was acquired by GC Dental Industrial Corporation.

  • GC America Inc. is established from the consolidation of Coe Laboratories & GC International USA.

  • GC America Inc. acquires ISO 9001 Certification.

  • GC Corporate is awarded the Deming Award for Total Quality Management business practice excellence.

  • GC America established Logistics and Training Center.

  • GC America expands Manufacturing facility and achieved ISO 13485 Certification.

  • GC Corporate was awarded the Japan Quality Medal for continued excellence.

  • GQM, GC America’s Total Quality Management system, was declared.

  • GC Advanced Technologies Inc. established in Costa Mesa, CA.

  • GC America expands Manufacturing facility for supply of key products to overseas markets.



Philosophy & Vision


True products are made for the good of others, not for your own sake. In other words, they coexist for mutual benefits.

GCA's corporate philosophy can be summarized in one short , but richly significant word: Semui. Semui is a term drawn from ancient Buddhist teachings and literally means "There is no fear if you do nothing for your own sake.” Although the original meaning includes more profound philosophical ideas, one can compare it with the similar Golden Rule: "Do Unto Others as You Would Like Them to Do Unto You."

This philosophy was originally espoused by Kiyoshi Nakao, one of the founders of GC.

How is this practiced in daily work? Associates of GC Corporation ask themselves:

Is this decision truly beneficial to the customers?
Is this decision truly made for the benefit of the Associates?

GC Vision

To be the number one dental company in the U.S.

Nakama Spirit

GC America's future is grounded in the energy we create for our associates, and ultimately, our customers and their patients. Therefore, we work for the good of our workforce, our communities our customers - and ultimately for improved oral health for individuals throughout the world.

Our Japanese colleagues call this the "Nakama" Spirit...the synergy of colleagues who all benefit from working together in a positive environment. "Nakama" is the foundation on which we build our corporate environment - allowing Associates to take on new challenges without fear of failure. It is the driving force behind our policy to hold others in high esteem, no matter what their position, and to practice a constructive approach to every challenge. By setting aside organizational barriers, and encouraging communication, the result is a workplace where everybody can make the most of their abilities.

To watch our corporate video, click here.



Corporate Social Responsibility

GC, as a dental manufacturer, considers excellence in its core business to be the most important mission. We will grow into a more trusted company by interacting with society through our core business.


The Second Foundation Nakao Grant Winners Have Been Selected

Foundation Nakao has received many grant applications globally and finally selected 7 Grant Winners for FY 2021.

The Foundation’s aim is to contribute to the realization of a truly healthy long-living society, as well as a high quality of life by supporting research and analysis to improve global oral health. We hope that this grant will support this activity globally.

The 3rd Grant Application is currently scheduled to be open for 67 days from September 21th, 2021 to November 24th, 2021.

We look forward to your application and thank you for your continuing support.


GC Corporation Featured in Manufacturing Today Magazine

Celebrating 100 years in business in February 2021, GC Corporation continues to strive to be the world’s number one manufacturer of the highest quality dental care products.

Read more:


The First Foundation Nakao Grant Winners Have Been Selected

Foundation Nakao has received many grant applications globally and finally selected 7 Grant Winners for FY 2020.

The Foundation’s aim is to contribute to the realization of a truly healthy long-living society, as well as a high quality of life by supporting research and analysis to improve global oral health. We hope that this grant will support this activity globally.

We look forward to your application and thank you for your continuing support.


Foundation Nakao

There are three main reasons behind establishing the foundation. First is to help with disease prevention on global scale. Second is the aging of the population and the specific pressures that puts on dentists to care for their geriatric patients. And third is to assist higher education and scientific research. These are the three pillars of the vision of the Nakao Foundation.


GCA Earth Day Clean Up Crew
Earth Day Clean Up 2019

GC America associates and their families participated in the Village of Alsip’s Earth Day Clean Up Event this past Saturday. GC America was one of three local companies participating in the clean-up event. Thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday morning to help out.


Robot Build Set-up
Robots fighting in the ring
Students holding GC banner
Bremen High School, Sponsored by GC America, Competes in Southworks Engineering and Robotics Olympics

GC America Inc. had the opportunity to sponsor the Bremen High School Robotics Club to participate in the Southworks Engineering and Robotics Olympics, which was overseen by the Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation. This is the second year that GC has sponsored Bremen High School through this program, which included a lot of the same high school students participating in the competition again.

The team entered two robots in the Sumo Event as part of the Olympics, as well as two catapults in the catapult competition. In the catapult competition, one of the teams came in second place! They had very good accuracy with launching the balls very close to the target; the team lost slightly to a more experienced team. In the Sumo Event, both teams won their initial rounds. The team named Bremen 1 made it all the way to the finals, narrowly losing out to the champions. Bremen 2 lost in the second round to a very strong team, but still showed a great effort. All of the students had a great time with the competition and were very thankful that GC was able to sponsor their high school to build and participate in this event! We are looking forward to hopefully participating again next year and in future years to come.


NSF Logo
GC America Inc. has been certified to ISO 14001:2015, Environmental Management System

GC America Inc. proudly announces our Environmental Management System (EMS) has been certified to ISO 14001:2015 by the NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR), a highly respected notification body. To become ISO 14001:2015 certified, GC America underwent a rigorous auditing process led by NSF-ISR. This achievement demonstrates GC America’s commitment to a sustainable manufacturing operation that protects the environment and local communities. GC America now proudly bears the NSF mark, to assure customers, retailers and regulators that we hold Corporate Social Responsibility at the core of our company’s values.


America's ToothFairy Proud Supporter Logo
America’s ToothFairy Presents 2019 Educational Grant to The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry

As part of its mission to support oral health education for underserved communities, America’s ToothFairy awarded a $5,000 grant to the Pediatric Dentistry Clinic of the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry. The presentation, which took place at their annual Celebration of Smiles event held February 21st during the Chicago Dental Society’s MidWinter Meeting, was part of America’s ToothFairy’s Chicago Smiles Initiative.

In Chicago 63% of third graders have cavities and more than half go untreated. The initiative, which is sponsored by GC America, supports service delivery and caregiver education, and reinforces the importance of oral health for the entire family. Last year, the initiative helped 19,298 children and 11,583 caregivers in and around Chicago receive oral health education.

“The Pediatric Dentistry Clinic provided clinical services and oral health education for 9,692 children last year and is training tomorrow’s dentists as part of the University’s College of Dentistry," said Jill Malmgren, Executive Director of America’s ToothFairy, during the presentation. “We are so pleased to support their work in the coming year with the help from GC America!”

GC America’s Director of Regulatory and Academic Affairs, Dr. Mark Heiss, was on hand to participate in the presentation. “GC America works closely with Chicago-area schools to promote oral health education,” Dr. Heiss said. “We are very proud to serve our community as Title Sponsor for this important initiative and partner with America’s ToothFairy to meet the oral health needs not only for kids living in and around Chicago, but across the country.”

The grant was received on behalf of the University of Illinois at Chicago by Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Marcio de Fonseca.


Makoto Nakao
Gc America Proudly Promotes the Article: Managing Our Older Population: The Challenges Ahead (August 2018)

GC America Inc. is very pleased to announce the publication of the Journal of Dental Research Article, Managing Our Older Population: The Challenges Ahead, cowritten by Mr. Makoto Nakao, Chairman and CEO of GC International.

Click here to read the article.


America's ToothFairy Proud Supporter Logo
GC America Supports Initiative to Improve Oral Health Among Children In Chicago And Beyond (May 2018)

In Chicago 63% of third graders have cavities and more than half go untreated. Thanks to a collaboration between GC America and America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Health Foundation (NCOHF), caregivers will be provided with the basic tools for home oral care and education. GC America’s $100,000 philanthropic investment as Title Sponsor for the 2018 Chicago Smiles Initiative will help support operational expenses and efforts to overcome significant barriers faced by under-served families in Chicago and surrounding areas with an emphasis on the education of grandparents, parents and other adult caregivers.

Under-served families face tremendous obstacles in accessing dental care, which include low oral health literacy, financial hardship, lack of transportation, limited clinic hours, difficulty identifying dental providers who can provide preventive and follow up care, and a low number of providers. Serving thousands of families, the Chicago Smiles Initiative will help support service delivery, educate caregivers, and reinforce the importance of oral health for the entire family.

“We are focused on access to care, prevention and education,” said Jill Malmgren, Executive Director of NCOHF. “We are very grateful for GC America’s continued support and value their partnership in improving children’s oral health outcomes.”

“GC America has already worked with Chicago-area schools to support oral health educational programming for students,” said Steve Fletcher, CEO of GC America and NCOHF Board member. “We are excited to work with America’s ToothFairy to make sure families in Chicago and beyond have the tools and information to reinforce those lessons at home.”


Ribbon Cutting
Outside photo
Enjoying lunch together
In the oporatory
Dr. Nakao presenting certificate
Dental Units Donation For Pobba Thiri Dental Hospital in Myanmar (April 2018)

The Pobba Thiri Dental Hospital was established in 2016 as a national hospital for the first time in Nay Pyi Taw, the capital of Myanmar, which has developed remarkably in recent years. This hospital is expected to further develop as a base of oral health care in Myanmar. GC Corporation contributed 3 Dental Units (Sovereign) to the Pobba Thiri Dental Hospital and a contribution ceremony was held at the site on February 19th, 2018. Myanmar Administration Official, President Nakao and Mr. Watanabe, Chairman of the Japan Myanmar Association attended this ceremony.

After the ribbon-cutting opening ceremony, a site inspection and a lunch gathering was held with many hospital staff. In the afternoon, the group visited Dr. Myint Htwe, the Union Minister of Myanmar (Ministry of Health and Sports). GC promised to cooperate and support the Myanmar government continually, not only with materials, but also in education and training of the dental health care staff for the improvement of oral health in Myanmar.

After the discussion, President Nakao received a certificate of appreciation from the minister. Four GC Corporation Associates (Mr. Saruya - President of GC Communications, Mr. Kurashima, Mr. Mizutani and Mr. Koshiba) worked hard on executing activities involving the communication/negotiation with the Myanmar government, the Pobba Thiri Dental Hospital and the Japan Myanmar Association on the installation of the dental units to the Pobba Thiri Dental Hospital.


Children gathered, sitting on a rug
Local Students Brush Up on Oral Health Thanks to GC America (February 2018)

Students at three Alsip elementary schools learned how to protect their smiles from tooth decay thanks to a new, interactive classroom education program launched by GC America. Staff from GC America, Alsip's largest employer, kicked off the program by visiting the schools on January 24-25 to quiz students on their oral health knowledge and provide demonstrations of proper dental care. Each of the more than 200 third grade students who participated also received an oral care kit with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

Improving oral health is an important focus for child health advocates in Illinois. Though largely preventable, pediatric dental disease is the most common chronic, untreated disease among children in the U.S. In Illinois, more than 22% of children have untreated tooth decay, according to the 2016 Statewide Oral Health Assessment published by the Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation, Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation and Michael Reese Health Trust.

The program is already gaining positive attention with many educators requesting classroom visits. Responding to high demand, GC America plans to expand the program to first and second grade students within the Alsip School District as well as additional school districts during the 2018-2019 school year.

The program receives valuable support from America's ToothFairy: National Children's Oral Health Foundation, which provided educational materials and oral care products for the program.

"Children with good oral health experience better overall health, perform better in school and miss fewer school days," said Dr. Mark Heiss, Director of Regulatory and Academic Affairs for GC America. "GC America is proud to support oral health educational programming for students in our Alsip schools, helping ensure they have the tools they need for optimal oral health, well-being and success."

To view the press release, click here.


Group photo
Thank you letter to Dr. Mark Heiss from recipients
Puerto Rico Relief Effort (December 2017)

"There are no words to thank you for this!!!! The support received has been overwhelming. Thanks for all that GC has done for the people of Puerto Rico, our dental school and its academic community. We will be using the materials for the treatment and comfort of those in shelters and hard hit areas. Once again thank you; you've been a blessing this Holiday season."

- Ana N. Lopez, DMD, MPH, FACD (Dean University of Puerto Rico)


Photo of volunteers
Photo of volunteers treating a child
Photo of the pop-up operatory, with volunteers applying sealants
Dr. Novy with his volunteers
Training the volunteers
Dr. Brian Novy's Mission Trip to Nicaragua (June 2017)

"We have sealed over 4,700 teeth with GC Fuji TRIAGE® and prevented cavities in almost 500 kids. That may not sound significant, but the notion of preventing caries with glass ionomer sealants is really taking off in Nicaragua, and soon we will have enough data to demonstrate the true preventive effect.

Please convey to the rest of my GC Family how much I appreciate the continuous support and I wouldn't want to put any other product in a child's mouth - because it's clear that GC Fuji TRIAGE has the ability to dramatically decrease the incidence of tooth decay (just like the research indicates). With your continued support, we will continue to photograph every tooth each year, reseal if needed, and seal any tooth that has erupted since the last year. My goal is to publish a decade of data demonstrating a decrease in dental caries disease armed with a group of motivated dental students and glass ionomer."

- Dr. Brian Novy


External Recognitions and Awards
GC America Joins America's ToothFairy: National Children's Oral Health Foundation as Underwriting Partner

(June 28, 2016) — Dental products manufacturer, GC America, announced today it will further its commitment to improve the health and well-being of underserved children by becoming an Underwriting Partner of America's ToothFairy: National Children's Oral Health Foundation. GC America's support will be used to expand delivery of vital oral health educational, preventive, and treatment services for at-risk children and youth across the country.

Awarded the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry's Award for Distinguished Services in Pharmaceutical Affairs

President Makoto Nakao was awarded the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry's Award for Distinguished Services in Pharmaceutical Affairs in 2004. The award was given to President Nakao for his diligent efforts in the field of pharmaceutical affairs and hygiene, for his contribution to public health. A total of 91 individuals were awarded in 2004, but President Nakao was the only one from the dental industry.

Awarded the Insignia of Commander of the Crown of Belgium

In 1995, President Makoto Nakao was awarded the Insignia of Commander of the Crown of Belgium from the Kingdom of Belgium. The relationship between GC and Belgium dates back to 1972, when we opened our European branch in Kortrijk. Subsequently, we built a new office and warehouse in Leuven, near the capital Brussels, in 1984. We also constructed our first European plant in Belgium in 1989 and the second European plant in 1994. Our investment in Belgium over the years, and its positive benefits in stimulating the local economy and creating jobs, has been recognized by the country.


Plant Tour

Our Fuji Oyama Factory offers tours for the dental students and our customers in order to show them first-hand how GC products are made, in hope that it helps deepen their understanding of our advanced technologies and commitment to product quality, and in the process it helps create enthusiastic supporters of the GC name. The plant also communicates with residents in the neighboring community to explain the efforts we are making to reduce the negative impact on the environment and provide opportunities for them to become more interested in their dental and oral health.

Tour guides are selected from among associates, and appointed guides study our products in detail to gain in-depth knowledge so that they can share it with visitors. Additionally, they create tour brochures themselves and strive every day to give better tours.

Plant Tour Participants (2007) Number of Tours Approximate Number of Visitors
Students from dental universities, dental technician/hygenist training courses  20  650
Residents living near the plant  5  100
Guests from overseas  7  200
Total  32  950

Achievement of Zero Waste Plant and Cleanup Around Plant

The Fuji Oyama Factory became a "zero waste" plant in September 2007. All waste materials generated from the plant are classified and recycled/reused.

In addition to reducing waste within the facility, the plant is making the neighboring community cleaner by organizing a bi-annual community cleanup event. This year a total of 360 people participated in the cleanup event.


Team Minus 6%

GC is a member of a national project called "Team Minus 6%", launched to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6% and help Japan keep its promise in the Kyoto Protocol, which came into effect in February 2005.


Scholarship Programs
"Toshio Nakao Chair" at University of Leuven in Belgium

In 1999, the "Toshio Nakao Chair" was established at University of Leuven in Belgium. The course, whose title features the name of our former president, is taught by Dr. B. Van Meerbeek, a world-renowned researcher of dental bonding technique, and other talented staff. The seminar is recognized as one of the premier research vehicles in the field of dental preservation and dental material science.

IADR Toshio Nakao Fellowship

The IADR Toshio Nakao Fellowship was established in 1994. The program provides a scholarship of US $15,000 to dental material researchers belonging to the IADR (International Association for Dental Research). As a member of the international business community, GC will contribute to the fostering of people and research programs that help create a better tomorrow.



Under a joint research project with the WHO (World Health Organization) on the development of technologies and materials suitable for the dental-treatment environment in developing countries, GC developed a high-strength glass ionomer cement called "GC Fuji IX." GC Fuji IX can be used with a dental procedure known as ART (Atraumatic Restorative Treatment), which does not require special technology or machinery. GC Fuji IX was introduced by the WHO on World Health Day in 1994 as an innovative restorative method that can be implemented in developing countries where complete facilities are not available and the standards of hygiene are low.

The technology has been applied in numerous countries since then. GC Fuji IX is also widely used in industrialized nations as a restorative method in keeping with today's emphasis on retaining the tooth structure. The theme of the 1994 World Health Day was "Oral Health of A Healthy Life." The year 1994 was designated as the "Year of Oral Health", and GC served as an official supporter as a global dental company contributing to the cause of WHO activity. The circle of efforts to enhance oral health is expanding throughout the world.


Corporate Video


As a manufacturer of the entire spectrum of dental care materials, GC America believes that oral health is integral to a person’s overall health. We are in the business of protecting people's health by living our quality policy.

Customer Needs Define Quality

Our mission is to develop, produce and distribute products that meet these needs. Our quality systems are designed to address each stage of a products lifecycle maintaining a high level of quality throughout these processes is paramount. We strive to surpass the world standard of quality. We are a registered ISO 13485 and FDA registered medical device manufacturer. We meet the requirements of these standards, but operate under a TQM mantra that goes above and beyond the scope of these quality systems. All of these efforts ensure that we have a non-wavering focus on delivering a top quality product to our customers).

As part of the TQM philosophy we recognize the company’s potential impact on the environment. We participate in corporate efforts aimed to protect the global environment. Each stage of a product's life is examined for the impact of our products on resources and the environment. We examine the use of our products to ensure the same targets, and we examine disposal methods for our products.