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GC Fuji II LC®

GC Fuji II LC®

Light-Cured Resin-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Restorative
GC Fuji II LC®

Product Information

GC Fuji II LC® is a light-cured glass ionomer restorative with outstanding flexural strength and excellent bond strength to teeth even in presence of saliva. It is available in premeasured unit dose capsules for no-mess mixing.

GC Fuji II LC® provides exceptional esthetics, simplicity and economy, making it a fantastic choice for Class V restorations, cervical erosions/abfraction lesions and as a liner/base. Its continual rechargeable fluoride release helps strengthen tooth structure.

Why choose GC Fuji II LC®?

  • Easy procedure reduces chair time and has fewer steps than composites

  • Clinically proven - clinically insoluble, biocompatible and radiopaque, tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion

  • Triple Cure Properties helps prevent microleakage and allows for a strong bond to tooth structure with two phases of self-curing: resin mechanical adhesion and glass ionomer chemical bond - seals and protects restoration with no undercuts, primers or bonding agents are required

  • Chemical cure, light-curing provides immediate strength and allows immediate finishing

SKU Information

Refill Capsule Package
Contains: Quantity of 48 capsules of the same shade (0.10 mL liquid per capsule).
Item Number Description
425001 (US) / 442001 (CA) A1
425002 (US) / 442002 (CA) A2
425003 (US) / 442003 (CA) A3
425004 (US) / 442004 (CA) A3.5
425005 (US) / 442005 (CA) A4
425006 (US) / 442006 (CA) B2
425007 (US) / 442008 (CA) B3
425008 (US) / 442008 (CA) B4
425009 (US) / 442009 (CA) C2
425010 (US) / 442010 (CA) C4
Assorted Capsule Packages
Item Number Description
425020 (US) / 442020 (CA) Dark Shades - Contains: Quantity of 24 capsules (5 each of A3.5, A4, B3 and B4 shades; 4 each of C4 shades; 0.10 mL liquid per capsule).
425015 (US) / 442015 (CA) Light Shades - Contains: Quantity of 24 capsules (5 each of A1, A2, A3 and B2 shades; 4 each of C2 shades; 0.10 mL liquid per capsule).
Item Number Description
Contains: One (5.7 mL) bottle.
001769 GC Fuji Spatula
Liquid Refill
Item Number Description
000206 Liquid - Contains: One (6.8 mL) refill liquid bottle.
Powder/Liquid Package
Contains: One bottle of powder (15 g), one bottle of liquid (8 mL) and accessories.
Item Number Description
000184 A1
000185 A2
000186 A3
000187 A3.5
000188 A4
000189 B2
000190 B3
000191 B4
000192 C2
000193 C4
Powder Refill Bottle
Contains: One (15 g) refill powder bottle.
Item Number Description
000195 A1
000196 A2
000197 A3
000198 A3.5
000199 A4
000200 B2
000201 B3
000202 B4
000203 C2
000204 C4