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CERASMART® for PlanMill®

CERASMART® for PlanMill®

Force Absorbing, Hybrid Ceramic CAD/CAM Block

A unique dental material that combines the best characteristics of a high strength ceramic and a composite.

CERASMART® for PlanMill

Product Information

CERASMART® for PlanMill® provides unsurpassed physical properties and impact dispersion due to the fully homogeneous and evenly distributed nano ceramic network with a revolutionary flexible nano ceramic matrix structure. In addition to the highest degree of elasticity, flexibility, strength, and breaking energy, this innovative hybrid nano ceramic helps ensure the best marginal integrity and high strength after bonding. As a result, this product is perfectly suited for posterior, anterior, inlay, onlay, and implant restorations and also enables minimum tooth reduction for minimally-invasive restorations.

The superior reliability, as well as its unmatched aesthetics, milling accuracy, fastest mill time, and self polishing properties are also excellent features. Finally, this tooth-colored, naturally opalescent nano ceramic material offers properties that are almost identical to those of natural teeth, ensuring your patients the most innovative restoration on the market.

Why choose CERASMART® for PlanMill®?

  • First in class for intra-oral properties
    • Flexible, tough and fracture resistant
    • Retain gloss over time and is self-polishing
    • Natural opalescence
    • Physical properties of natural enamel
    • High radiopacity
    • Highly wear resistant
  • First in class for fabrication properties
    • Repairable in the mouth
    • Very gentle on milling burs
    • No need for crystallization firing
    • Mills quicker
    • Virtually no chipping

SKU Information

Size 12 - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
008353 Shade A1 - High Translucency (HT)
008358 Shade A1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008354 Shade A2 - High Translucency (HT)
008359 Shade A2 - Low Translucency (LT)
008355 Shade A3 - High Translucency (HT)
008360 Shade A3 - Low Translucency (LT)
008356 Shade A3.5 - High Translucency (HT)
008361 Shade A3.5 - Low Translucency (LT)
008357 Shade B1 - High Translucency (HT)
008362 Shade B1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008363 Shade Bleach (BL)
Size 14 - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
008375 Shade A1 - High Translucency (HT)
008380 Shade A1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008376 Shade A2 - High Translucency (HT)
008381 Shade A2 - Low Translucency (LT)
008377 Shade A3 - High Translucency (HT)
008382 Shade A3 - Low Translucency (LT)
008378 Shade A3.5 - High Translucency (HT)
008383 Shade A3.5 - Low Translucency (LT)
008379 Shade B1 - High Translucency (HT)
008384 Shade B1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008385 Shade Bleach (BL)
Size 14L - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
008397 Shade A1 - High Translucency (HT)
008402 Shade A1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008398 Shade A2 - High Translucency (HT)
008403 Shade A2 - Low Translucency (LT)
008399 Shade A3 - High Translucency (HT)
008404 Shade A3 - Low Translucency (LT)
008400 Shade A3.5 - High Translucency (HT)
008405 Shade A3.5 - Low Translucency (LT)
008401 Shade B1 - High Translucency (HT)
008406 Shade B1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008407 Shade Bleach (BL)