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GC FujiCEM® Evolve

GC FujiCEM® Evolve

Resin-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement

Building on the legacy GC FujiCEM® 2, new GC FujiCEM® Evolve takes the luting process to the next level!

GC FujiCEM® Evolve

Product Information

GC FujiCEM® Evolve is a radiopaque resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement in a syringe delivery with a tack-cure feature and high radiopacity. It can be used for cementation of a variety of substates and different types of indirect restorations. It has superior bond strength to zirconia than a leading competitor*. New tack-cure feature reduces cleanup time to seconds and its high radiopacity allows for easy visualization. GC FujiCEM® Evolve also features rechargeable fluoride release and moisture tolerance.

*Data on file.

Why choose GC FujiCEM® Evolve?

  • Syringe delivery providing ergonomics and no need for dispenser

  • Tack-cure feature for easy, quick clean-up

  • Excellent, stable bond strength to zirconia

  • Improved radiopacity for easy visualization on x-rays

  • Ideal for cementation of zirconia, PFM and lithium disilicate restorations

SKU Information

Item Number Description
012948 Single Pack - Contains: One (9.2g each) syringe and 15 mixing tips (Regular).
012950 Triple Pack Automix - Contains: Three (9.2g each) syringes and 45 mixing tips (Regular).
012949 Triple Pack Handmix - Contains: Three (9.2g each) syringes.
012954 GC Push and Click Tips (Regular) - Contains: Fifteen tips.
012955 GC Push and Click Tips (Endo) - Contains: Fifteen tips with endo nozzle.