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Self-Cured Glass Ionomer Orthodontic Cement

Ideally suited for bonding orthodontic brackets and bands.


Product Information

GC Fuji ORTHO™ is a self-cured, resin reinforced glass ionomer cement ideally suited for bonding orthodontic brackets and bands. Its placement in a wet field simplifies application and bonding procedures. It can be used with a non-etch or etch technique.

GC Fuji ORTHO™ is easy to use and has been clinically proven to significantly reduce chair time and increase patient and operator comfort. Because it's a true glass ionomer cement, it releases fluoride to protect against decalcification and decay. After two years of clinical trials, brackets were debonded easily without decalcification.

GC Fuji ORTHO™ effectively supports brackets, bands and wires for the duration of the orthodontic treatment and removes easily at case completion.


    Why choose GC Fuji ORTHO™?

    • Bonds in a wet field location  

    • Simplified technique

    • Saves time

    • No etch required

    • Use with or without etching enamel 

    • Significant fluoride release and recharge

    • No decalcification 

    • Prevents caries formation 

    • High success rate

    • Easy debond and clean up

    SKU Information

    Item Number Description
    000210 Liquid Refill - Contains: One (6.8 mL) bottle of liquid.
    000209 Powder Refill - Contains: One (40 g) powder.
    439503 Standard Package - Contains: Two (6.8 mL) bottles of liquid, 1 (40 g) powder and accessories.
    001769 GC Fuji Spatula
    001820 GC ORTHO CONDITIONER - Contains: One (23.8 mL) liquid.