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Dual-Cure Composite for Temporary Crown & Bridge

An innovative, dual-cured, bis-acrylic composite temporary crown and bridge material using micro-filled resin (MFR) and nano-filler technologies.


Product Information

TEMPSMART® maintains a smooth surface after polishing because of the revolutionary combination of micro-filled resin (MFR) and nano-filler technologies. The high density polymer network for TEMPSMART® makes it a strong material ideal for any sized provisional. This product is ideal for temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers, as well as long-term temporary restorations.

TEMPSMART® offers first in class fracture toughness for clinical longevity, beautiful esthetics as well as high gloss retention, high flexural strength which facilitates multi-unit temporization, quick working and setting times for the shortest chairside time and low plasticizer/thin oxygen inhibition layer allow for better polymerization.

Why choose TEMPSMART®?

  • Dual Cure Material - shorter Chairside Time
  • 1:1 Plasticizer-free Delivery - consistent, easy extrusion and thin oxygen inhibition layer
  • Micro-filled Resin (MFR) and Nano-Filler Technology - non-sticky, easy polishability and high gloss retention
  • Available in two delivery systems: 48 mL cartridges (1:1 ratio) available in shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 and BW - 10 mL cartridge syringes available in shades: A1, A2, A3 and B1

SKU Information

48mL Cartridge
Contains: One cartridge (48 mL) and 16 Mixing Tips II SSS.
Item Number Description
009392 Cartridge A1
009393 Cartridge A2
009394 Cartridge A3
009395 Cartridge A3.5
009396 Cartridge B1
009397 Cartridge BW
10mL Cartridge Syringe
Contains: One cartridge syringe (10 mL) and 10 GC Automix Tips.
Item Number Description
009398 Cartridge Syringe A1
009399 Cartridge Syringe A2
009400 Cartridge Syringe A3
009401 Cartridge Syringe B1
Item Number Description
002902 GC Automix Tips - Contains: Quantity of 20 tips; fits the 10 mL cartridge syringe.
420000 Mixing Tip II SSS - Contains: Quantity of 20 tips; fits the 48 mL cartridge.