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GC Initial® LiSi Block

GC Initial® LiSi Block

Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic CAD/CAM Block

A fully crystallized lithium disilicate block that delivers optimal physical and aesthetic properties without firing.

GC Initial® LiSi Block

Product Information

GC Initial® LiSi Block is a unique block that features GC’s proprietary High Density Micronization (HDM) technology for CAD/CAM dentistry to deliver high wear resistance, smooth margins and aesthetic final results. This makes it an ideal time saving solution for single visit chairside treatment.

The unique ultrafine crystal makes it easy to grind and can be quickly milled in its fully crystallized stage. Thanks to GC Initial® LiSi Block’s exceptional properties, high gloss and natural opalescence can be obtained in few minutes by polishing only and restoration is then ready for luting. The aesthetics of your restoration will be maintained over time.

GC Initial® LiSi Block is available in four aesthetic shades and two translucencies. When more characterization is required, the GC Initial® ceramic line comprises fully synergistic aesthetic solutions.

Why choose GC Initial® LiSi Block?

  • Reduced chair time - mill, polish and place! GC Initial® LiSi Block offers reduced process time: no need to fire because it is fully crystallized - this results in saving 40%† of the time required to create your restorations
  • Durable aesthetic and smooth margins - optimized acid and wear resistance to help preserve the aesthetic of your restoration over time, excellent edge stability contributes for a restoration with smooth margins
  • Natural opalescence - available in both, high and low translucencies, GC Initial® LiSi Block offers a natural opalescence in any light
  • Choose your preferred finishing procedure:
    • By polishing only, superior gloss is achieved and the restoration is ready for luting
    • Impressive 3D effects with GC Initial® Lustre Pastes NF: ready-to-use ceramics for painting, ideal to adjust chroma, value and brightness
    • Deep characterization with GC Initial® Spectrum Stains

†Under testing conditions based on IFU.

SKU Information

Item Number Description
012927 A1 HT - Contains: 5 blocks.
012928 A2 HT - Contains: 5 blocks.
012929 A3 HT - Contains: 5 blocks.
012930 B1 HT - Contains: 5 blocks.
012931 A1 LT - Contains: 5 blocks.
012932 A2 LT - Contains: 5 blocks.
012933 A3 LT -  Contains: 5 blocks.
012934 B1 LT - Contains: 5 blocks.
10037279 A3.5 HT - Contains: 5 blocks.
10037280 A3.5 LT -  Contains: 5 blocks.
10037281 Bleach - Contains: 5 blocks.