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Microwave-Cured Denture Base Resin

Each of the NATURE-CRYL® products are available in a harmonized shade system consisting of seven natural looking shades providing a comprehensive range of tissue colors including four of the most popular “pink” shades (characterized with fibers) and three COE-LOR™ heavily pigmented ethnic shades. 


Product Information

NATURE-CRYL® MC is a denture acrylic resin specially created for microwave curing. This product assures that all high quality, precision dentures can be cured in just three minutes in a household microwave oven. Its unique plastic flask allows for more economical denture production. The product's computer-assisted shade matching assures aesthetically accurate upper and lower dentures, partial dentures, relines and repairs with all NATURE-CRYL® system shades.

Why choose NATURE-CRYL® MC?

  • 3-Minute microwave curing - no air bubbles or porosity, quick and convenient, accurate fit

  • Low water absorption - no staining or color change, high strength with excellent physical properties

  • Seven natural shades provide a comprehensive range of tissue colors - includes 4 of the most popular “pink” shades (characterized with fibers), includes the three unique COE-LOR™ ethnic shades to mimic heavily pigmented oral tissue - cadmium-free.

SKU Information

1:1 Packages - Contains: Quantity of one (1 lb) powder and one (8 oz) liquid.
Item Number Description
349660 COE Light Fibered+
349661 COE-LOR Mild
349662 COE-LOR Moderate
349663 COE-LOR Heavy
349664 Light
349665 Light Reddish Pink
349666 Original
349667 Clear
5-Pound Powder Packages - Contains: Quantity of one (5 lbs) of powder per package.
Item Number Description
349670 COE Light Fibered+
349671 COE-LOR Mild
349672 COE-LOR Moderate
349673 COE-LOR Heavy
349674 Light
349675 Light Reddish Pink
349676 Original
349677 Clear
Item Number Description
349659 Refill Liquid (8 oz)
349679 Refill Liquid (32 oz)