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Miracle Mix®

Miracle Mix®

Metal-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Core Build Up Material
Miracle Mix®

Product Information

Miracle Mix® is a silver alloy reinforced glass ionomer restorative developed for use as a core build-up and transitional restorative material for clinical situations where high radiopacity and a strong color contrast is preferred. 

Why choose Miracle Mix®?

  • Strong chemical bond – No undercuts, fewer pins, Will not chip or flake when trimmed or cut

  • Simple technique – 4 minutes set to finish

  • High fluoride release – Reduces secondary decay

  • Will not stain or discolor surrounding teeth

  • Easily distinguishable from the tooth structure

  • Shrinks and expands like the tooth structure

SKU Information

Item Number Description
000123 Alloy Powder - Contains: One (17 g) bottle of alloy powder.
452100 Capsule Package - Contains: Quantity of 48 capsules (0.10 mL per capsule).
000122 Liquid - Contains: One (10 g) bottle of liquid.
000121 Powder - Contains: One (15 g) bottle of powder.
000239 Powder - Liquid Kit - Contains: One (15 g) powder, 1 (10 g) liquid and 1 (17 g) alloy powder.
437100 Tube and Plug Refill - Contains: Quantity of 100 tubes and 100 plugs.
001769 GC Fuji Spatula