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Product Information

MULTI-SEP™ is a universal separating agent for multiple applications in today's dental laboratories. This product features a very low viscosity, which leaves no residue on the model. MULTI-SEP™ can also be used to separate wax, stone, composite and acrylic resins.

Why choose MULTI-SEP™?

  • Fast-drying - saving time and can be used in minutes
  • Very low viscosity - accuracy is improved, substance fits better, minimal film thickness 
  • Easy to apply - everyone can use, does not require special instruments 
  • No chemical contamination - will not alter the surface of the stone cast
  • Universal application - separation of wax, stone, composites and acrylic resins
  • Cost-effective - money-saver, due to universal application, it requires only one material to use

SKU Information

Item Number Description
343691 Refill bottle (2 oz; 59 mL)
343694 Refill bottle (8 oz; 300 mL)