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GC Fuji IX GP®

GC Fuji IX GP®

Self-Cured Packable Glass Ionomer Restorative
GC Fuji IX GP®

Product Information

GC Fuji IX GP® is the easy-to-use, handle and place fluoride releasing alternative to expensive compomers and composites and in many cases, amalgam. It cures extremely hard and is very wear resistant. As a true glass ionomer, it chemically bonds to tooth structure, has a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion and releases significant levels of rechargeable fluoride. It is available in hand-mix powder-liquid and premeasured capsules. It's the perfect product for geriatric and pediatric restorations, final restorations (non-stress areas), Intermediate Restorative (IRM), core material and long-term, temporary restorations.

Why choose GC Fuji IX GP®?

  • Packable, dough-like consistency is easy to handle and place,  can be condensed (similar to amalgam) and shape and finished with metal instruments

  • Non-sticky material will not pull away from prep or stick to instruments

  • High compressive and flexural strengths assure durability, longevity, and integrity

  • Excellent wear characteristics: 60% higher than conventional glass ionomers

  • Simple and easy technique: 2 minute working time, self-cures in 2.5 minutes (about 4.5 minutes from start of mix) and a single step placement for even larger fillings


SKU Information

Intro & Starter Packages
Item Number Description
000152 Powder/Liquid Intro Package 1:1 - Contains: One (15 g) powder (A2), 1 (6.4 mL) bottle of liquid and 1 mixing pad.
425090 (US) / 442090 (CA) Capsule Assortment Starter Package - Contains: Quantity of 48 capsules (10 of each Shade: A2, A3 and A3.5; 9 of each Shade: B2 and B3; 0.14 mL per capsule), 1 GC CAPSULE APPLIER III, 1 CAVITY CONDITIONER and 1 GC Fuji COAT™ LC.
439901 Powder/Liquid Starter Package - Contains: Package of Powder - Liquid (1:1), 1 CAVITY CONDITIONER and 1 GC Fuji COAT™ LC.
Powder/Liquid Refill Packages
Item Number Description
000164 Liquid Refill - Contains: One (6.4 mL) refill liquid bottle.
000158 Powder Refill - Contains: One (15 g) refill powder bottle (A2).
Refill Capsule Package
Contains: Quantity of 48 capsules of the same shade (0.14 mL per capsule).
Item Number Description
425080 (US) / 442080 (CA) Assorted - Contains: 10 of each Shade: A2, A3 and A3.5; 9 of each Shade: B2 and B3
425081 (US) / 442081 (CA) A2
425082 (US) / 442082 (CA) A3
425083 (US) / 442083 (CA) A3.5
425084 (US) / 442084 (CA) B2
425085 (US) / 442085 (CA) B3
Item Number Description
000110 CAVITY CONDITIONER - Contains: One (5.7 mL) bottle.
000176 GC Fuji COAT LC - Contains: One (5.2 mL) bottle.
001769 GC Fuji Spatula