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CERASMART® Universal

CERASMART® Universal

Force Absorbing, Hybrid CAD/CAM Block

A unique dental material that combines the best characteristics of a high strength ceramic and a composite. 

CERASMART® Universal

Product Information

CERASMART® Universal provides unsurpassed physical properties and impact dispersion due to the fully homogeneous and evenly distributed nano ceramic network. CERASMART® Universal is a unique dental material that combines the best characteristics of a high strength ceramic and a composite. In addition to the highest degree of elasticity, flexibility, strength, and breaking energy, this innovative hybrid nano ceramic helps ensure the best marginal integrity and high strength after bonding. As a result, CERASMART® Universal is perfectly suited for posterior, anterior, inlay, onlay, and implant restorations and also enables minimum tooth reduction for minimally-invasive restorations.

The superior reliability of CERASMART® Universal, as well as its unmatched aesthetics, milling accuracy, fastest mill time, and self polishing properties are also excellent features. Finally, this tooth-colored, naturally opalescent nano ceramic material offers properties that are almost identical to those of natural teeth, ensuring your patients the most innovative restoration on the market.

Why choose CERASMART® Universal?

  • First in Class for Fabrication Properties
    • Mills quicker
    • Virtually no chipping
    • Repairable in the mouth
    • Very gentle on milling burs
    • No need for crystallization firing

  • First in Class for Intra-oral Properties
    • High radiopacity
    • Natural opalescence
    • Highly wear-resistant
    • Physical properties of natural enamel
    • Flexible, tough and fracture-resistant
    • Retain gloss over time and is self-polishing

SKU Information

Size 12 - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
008653 A1 - High Translucency (HT)
008658 A1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008654 A2 - High Translucency (HT)
008659 A2 - Low Translucency (LT)
008655 A3 - High Translucency (HT)
008660 A3 - Low Translucency (LT)
008656 A3.5 - High Translucency (HT)
008661 A3.5 - Low Translucency (LT)
008657 B1 - High Translucency (HT)
008662 B1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008663 BL
Size 14 - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
008664 A1 - High Translucency (HT)
008669 A1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008665 A2 - High Translucency (HT)
008670 A2 - Low Translucency (LT)
008666 A3 - High Translucency (HT)
008671 A3 - Low Translucency (LT)
008667 A3.5 - High Translucency (HT)
008672 A3.5 - Low Translucency (LT)
008668 B1 - High Translucency (HT)
008673 B1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008674 BL
Size 14L - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
008675 A1 - High Translucency (HT)
008680 A1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008676 A2 - High Translucency (HT)
008681 A2 - Low Translucency (LT)
008677 A3 - High Translucency (HT)
008682 A3 - Low Translucency (LT)
008678 A3.5 - High Translucency (HT)
008683 A3.5 - Low Translucency (LT)
008679 B1 - High Translucency (HT)
008684 B1 - Low Translucency (LT)
008685 BL