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Tinfoil Substitute

Product Information

COE-SEP™ is an economical tinfoil substitute that provides smooth, glossy, and tough film on stone models. This product prevents denture resins from sticking to stone models during processing. The uniform film's thickness permits closer adaptation of acrylic resin to model.

Why choose COE-SEP™?

  • Uniform film thickness - does not distort the fit of acrylic resins
  • Economical - comes in three sizes: 2 oz., quart, and a gallon 
  • Smooth, glossy, and tough film - prevents denture resins from sticking to the stone models, does not lift away from the stone model

SKU Information

Item Number Description
343593 Gallon Bottle (1 gallon)
343591 Ounce Bottle (2 oz)
343592 Quart Bottle (1 qt)