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Aadva™ Lab Scanner 2

Aadva™ Lab Scanner 2

Unique Intuitive Scanflow
Aadva™ Lab Scanner 2

Product Information

The Aadva™ Lab Scanner 2 is a fully automated lab scanner that uses sophisticated sensor technology based on stripe-light triangulation blue-light LED. The sensor is comprised of a high-precision 5MP camera that ensures very high accuracy of 4 µm (ISO12836) and an extremely fast scan time of 22 sec for a full arch scan*.

The scanner also enables you to decide if you wish to prepare a monochrome or a colour texture scan (to capture drawings, annotations and much more) and save considerable time with the fully automated Z-axis.

In addition to the user-friendliness, the performance of the user software is particularly remarkable. With the Aadva™ Lab Scanner 2, the user gets speed, precision and a wide range of application possibilities.

The workflow in the software is now variable. The software suggests a sequence of scantabs for the data to be captured, but the user can freely change this sequence and adapt it to his individual workflow.

Aadva™ Lab Scanner 2 offers a wide range measurement field ( X × Y × Z ) 85,2 mm x 58,1 mm x 82 mm and automatically guides the object to be scanned into the measuring field. The innovative Z-axis automatically moves the scan object to the correct height, so that the user only has to intervene in the scanning process in exceptional cases.

The Aadva™ Lab Scanner 2 also comes with various accessories that will further improve your productivity.

* Scan times are measured with lower resolution and deactivated color scanning

Why choose Aadva™ Lab Scanner 2?

  • Offers open files (.PLY, .STL) that can easily be used in any open design software.
  • Full color scanning with an equipped 5MP high resolution camera that captures colors to further enhance your user experience and improve your efficiency.
  • The status display at the bottom of the Z-axis also indicates whether the device is ready for operation or whether a prompt needs to be confirmed.
  • Easy-to-use touch screen to allow the user to operate the most important things directly from the scanner.
  • The large system plate of the scanner easily accommodates the major articulators - Condyle-related scanning of articulated jaw models with articulators from Amann Girrbach Artex®, Baumann® Artist/arTO®, GAMMA® Reference, SAM® Axiosplit, WhipMix Denar® and KaVo Protar®. Articulators from other manufacturers are scanned with average values.
  • The slip-free rubber mat on the system plate provides for stable standing.
  • Automatic cutting plane trims scans in an innovative process - the user can readjust the plane, but does not need to create a manual cutting line as irrelevant data is automatically removed and the matching process is accelerated many times over
  • Twin Tray models normally require three to four measurements - now these partial models can be scanned more quickly.
  • Can acquire Triple Tray® impressions in occlusion to each other - the bite registration is recorded directly by the scanner. A transformation process ensures occlusion with Triple Tray® impressions.