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Polysulfide Impression Material

Product Information

OMNIFLEX™ is an all-purpose, rubber base impression material for crowns, bridges, inlays and temporary denture relines. This product is the perfect single-mix, rubber base consistency that is suitable for the syringe and tray.

OMNIFLEX™ is available in a mint flavor with two setting time, Regular  (3 1/2 minute work time and 4 minute set) and Fast (2 1/2 minute work time and 3 minute set). It features high elasticity, a blue-green color, excellent tear strength and a patented, copper catalyst system.

Why choose OMNIFLEX™?

  • Enhanced patient acceptance

  • Saves time

  • Simplifies ordering

  • Suitable for a wide range of impression techniques

  • Easy to remove from stone cast

  • Resists tearing in deep undercuts

  • "Snap" set in the mouth does not stain

SKU Information

Item Number Description
137321 Base - Contains: One base (90 mL).
137336 Bulk Package - Contains: Quantity of 36 bases (90 mL each) and 36 catalysts (45 mL each).
137311 Catalyst - Contains: One catalyst (45 mL).
137301 Standard Set - Contains: One base (90 mL), one catalyst (45 mL) and one adhesive (15 mL).