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GC Tri Plaque ID Gel™

GC Tri Plaque ID Gel™

Dental Plaque Disclosing Gel

A chairside motivation test that helps educate patients on plaque that remains on the teeth after brushing

GC Tri Plaque ID Gel™

Product Information

GC Tri Plaque ID Gel™ allows patients to easily visualize the areas where they should concentrate and improve their brushing and flossing routine. It is an innovative, plaque disclosing gel that identifies new, mature and acid producing biofilms in three colors (red/pink, dark blue/purple, and light blue).

GC Tri Plaque ID Gel™ is easy to use and helps to promote teamwork between the dental professional and their patients for improved oral care .It can be easily spread onto tooth and washed off without being too runny or messy.

Mature and strong acid-producing plaque can be detected and help educate the patient on when to reduce consumption of acid drinks, which can impact plaque pathogenicity.

Why choose GC Tri Plaque ID Gel™?

  • Easy to apply and wash off 

  • Assess the effect of dietary changes

  • Dental professional and patient work together 

  • Identify new, old and extra high caries risk plaque

  • In order to visualize high caries risk plaque, sucrose is added into the disclosing gel to enhance acid producing plaque

SKU Information

Item Number Description
004273 Refill - Contains: One tube (40 g; 36 mL); approximately 130 applications.