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Force-Absorbing, Hybrid Ceramic CAD/CAM Block

A unique dental material that combines the best characteristics of a high strength ceramic and a composite. 


Product Information

CERASMART® 270 is an esthetic hybrid block made to provide fast and long-lasting indirect restorations. The newly developed Full-Coverage Silane Coating (FSC) with improved nanofiller technology offers high physical and esthetic properties. Milling is fast and efficient, making it possible to create a qualitative restoration with fine margins and optimal fit in a very short time. It may also be polished or characterized for more vibrant esthetics.

Why choose CERASMART® 270?

  • Superior Strength to Endure Mastication Forces
    • High filler rate
    • Improved flexural strength for high durability
    • High fracture resistance
  • Flexibility to Absorb Impact
    • Fewer stress peaks during chewing
    • Decreased risk of material fatigue
    • Very well suited for implant restorations
  • Wear Resistance for Long-Lasting Restorations
    • Very low wear
    • Ideal for bruxist patients
    • High gloss retention

SKU Information

Universal Size 12 - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
012408 Shade A1 High Translucency (HT) 
012409 Shade A2 High Translucency (HT) 
012410 Shade A3 High Translucency (HT)
012411 Shade A3.5 High Translucency (HT) 
012412 Shade B1 High Translucency (HT)
012413 Shade A1 Light Translucency (LT)
012414 Shade A2 Light Translucency (LT) 
012415 Shade A3 Light Translucency (LT)
012416 Shade A3.5 Light Translucency (LT)
012418 Shade B1 Light Translucency (LT)
012419 Shade Bleach
Universal Size 14 - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
012456 Shade A1 High Translucency (HT) 
012457 Shade A2 High Translucency (HT) 
012458 Shade A3 High Translucency (HT)
012459 Shade A3.5 High Translucency (HT) 
012460 Shade B1 High Translucency (HT)
012461 Shade A1 Light Translucency (LT)
012462 Shade A2 Light Translucency (LT) 
012463 Shade A3 Light Translucency (LT)
012464 Shade A3.5 Light Translucency (LT)
012466 Shade B1 Light Translucency (LT)
012467 Shade Bleach
Universal Size 14L - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
012504 Shade A1 High Translucency (HT) 
012505 Shade A2 High Translucency (HT) 
012506 Shade A3 High Translucency (HT)
012507 Shade A3.5 High Translucency (HT) 
012508 Shade B1 High Translucency (HT)
012509 Shade A1 Light Translucency (LT)
012510 Shade A2 Light Translucency (LT) 
012511 Shade A3 Light Translucency (LT)
012512 Shade A3.5 Light Translucency (LT)
012514 Shade B1 Light Translucency (LT)
012515 Shade Bleach
CEREC Size 12 - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
012396 Shade A1 High Translucency (HT) 
012397 Shade A2 High Translucency (HT) 
012398 Shade A3 High Translucency (HT)
012399 Shade A3.5 High Translucency (HT) 
012400 Shade B1 High Translucency (HT)
012401 Shade A1 Light Translucency (LT)
012402 Shade A2 Light Translucency (LT) 
012403 Shade A3 Light Translucency (LT)
012404 Shade A3.5 Light Translucency (LT)
012406 Shade B1 Light Translucency (LT)
012407 Shade Bleach
CEREC Size 14 - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
012444 Shade A1 High Translucency (HT) 
012445 Shade A2 High Translucency (HT) 
012446 Shade A3 High Translucency (HT)
012447 Shade A3.5 High Translucency (HT) 
012448 Shade B1 High Translucency (HT)
012449 Shade A1 Light Translucency (LT)
012450 Shade A2 Light Translucency (LT) 
012451 Shade A3 Light Translucency (LT)
012452 Shade A3.5 Light Translucency (LT)
012454 Shade B1 Light Translucency (LT)
012455 Shade Bleach
CEREC Size 14L - Contains: Five blocks per package.
Item Number Description
012492 Shade A1 High Translucency (HT) 
012493 Shade A2 High Translucency (HT) 
012494 Shade A3 High Translucency (HT)
012495 Shade A3.5 High Translucency (HT) 
012496 Shade B1 High Translucency (HT)
012497 Shade A1 Light Translucency (LT)
012498 Shade A2 Light Translucency (LT) 
012499 Shade A3 Light Translucency (LT)
012500 Shade A3.5 Light Translucency (LT)
012502 Shade B1 Light Translucency (LT)
012503 Shade Bleach