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Hard Denture Reline & Repair Material

Product Information

COE-RECT™ is a self-curing, rigid denture liner for permanent hard relines and repairs you can complete at chairside in as little as 20 minutes.

Why choose COE-RECT™?

  • Fast and simple relines and repairs

  • Mixes in 30 seconds and cures in 10 minutes

  • Quick chairside relines and final cure at chairside

SKU Information

Item Number Description
343091 Liquid - Contains: One (6 oz) bottle of liquid.
343002 Powder - Contains: One (6 oz) bottle of powder.
343001 Professional Package - Contains: One (6 oz) bottle of powder, one (6 oz) bottle of liquid, one (14 mL) repair liquid and accessories.
343092 Repair Liquid - Contains: One (14 mL) bottle of liquid.
344094 Bottle - Contains: One bottle (18 mL).