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Hard Denture, Chairside Reline Material

Product Information

GC RELINE™ is an improved methyl methacrylate-free, self-curing reline material that does not exhibit the high exothermic heat and pungent odor present in other acrylic, resin reliners. This product cures completely in the patients mouth, minimizing potential removal distortion. GC RELINE™ can also be used to extend denture borders.

Why choose GC RELINE™?

  • Methyl Methacrylate-free - reduced heat and odor and less chemical irritation

  • Can be cured intraorally for greater comfort, increased patient safety, less chance of distortion and requires less finishing

  • Excellent handling characteristics - flows easily, provides better adaptation, cures to smooth and dense surfaces with minimal porosity

  • Adhesive bonding agent secures reline to denture

SKU Information

Item Number Description
346094 Bonding Agent - Contains: One bottle (12 g).
346191 Liquid - Contains: One refill bottle (50 mL).
346002 Powder - Contains: One refill bottle (80 g).
346001 Standard/Intro Package - Contains: One powder (80 g), one liquid (50 mL), one bonding agent (12 g) and accessories.