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VPS Bite Registration Crème

Product Information

EXABITE™ II is an improved, addition reaction Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) impression material that has significant handling and accuracy advances, extrudes easier, and sets hard very quickly. This product was developed especially for occlusal registrations.

EXABITE™ II has a cream-like consistency for easy handling and placement and  offers almost no resistance to closure, allowing patients to occlude in centric without effort; which prevents distortion by eliminating mandible deviation.

EXABITE™ II sets in 45 seconds in the mouth with up to 45 seconds of working time after the patient occludes; 45 seconds after expressing the material.

Why choose EXABITE™ II?

  • Outstanding accuracy

    • Flows readily upon occlusion for precise bite registrations

    • Precise bite registration permits accurate details, articulation and better fitting models

    • Replicates produce proper occlusal relationships

  • High durometer

    • Extremely high durometer (87 Shore A); the material is very hard, carvable and will not distort under the pressure of articulation

  • Thixotropic

    • Stacks well; it will not slump or run, creating an easy and neat placement on the occlusal surfaces

    • No tray is required; can be applied directly to the occlusal surface for accurate bite registrations

SKU Information

Item Number Description
132412 2-Pack Refill - Contains: Two (48 mL) cartridges and 12 mixing tips (Green/Blue).
132418 8-Pack Refill - Contains: Eight (48 mL) cartridges and 48 mixing tips (Green/Blue).