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Lead-Free, Polysulfide Impression Material

Product Information

COE-FLEX® is a lead-free, all-purpose rubber base impression material for inlays, crowns, bridges, full and partial dentures, rebasing and relining. In more than 25 years of clinical practice, COE-FLEX® has offered consistently detailed and precise impressions.

Why choose COE-FLEX®?

  • Lead-free formula is safer for the patient and dentist

  • High elasticity allows for easy removal from stone cast

  • Excellent tear strength resists tearing in deep undercuts

  • Patented copper catalyst system: “snap” set in the mouth and does not stain

  • Blue-green color; mint flavor enhances patient acceptance

  • Available in 3 viscosities, suitable for a wide range of impression techniques

SKU Information

Base Packages - Contains: One base (90 mL).
Item Number Description
131204 Heavy Body
131203 Injection Type (Light)
131202 Regular Body
131205 Regular Body, Fast Set
Catalyst Packages - Contains: One catalyst (45 mL).
Item Number Description
131304 Heavy Body
131303 Injection Type (Light)
131302 Regular Body
131305 Regular Body, Fast Set
Refill Packages - Contains: One base (90 mL) and one catalyst (45 mL).
Item Number Description
131104 Heavy Body
131103 Injection Type (Light)
131102 Regular Body
131105 Regular Body, Fast Set
Standard Packages - Contains: One base (90 mL), one catalyst (45 mL) and one adhesive (13 mL).
Item Number Description
131004 Heavy Body
131003 Injection Type (Light)
131002 Regular Body
131005 Regular Body, Fast Set