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Hydrocolloid Duplicating Material

Product Information

DUPLI-COE-LOID™ is a hydrocolloid material used by dental laboratories to duplicate stone or gypsum refractory models. This product can also be used to invest dentures constructed of self-curing resins. It has a three year shelf-life.

Why choose DUPLI-COE-LOID™?

  • Contains less glycerine - produces harder models that are smoother, denser and stronger
  • Extremely strong and elastic - provides a longer shelf-life than many other duplicating hydrocolloids
  • Very transparent and clear appearance - easier to detect voids or air bubbles in the stone investment or resin, prevents remakes
  • Economical and time-saving

SKU Information

Item Number Description
320008 Jar - Contains: Jar (8 lbs; 3.6 kg); one gallon.
320016 Pail - Contains: Pail (16 lbs; 7.2 kg); two gallons.