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Resin-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement

A resin-reinforced, glass ionomer luting cement designed for final cementation of metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, metal-free crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays.


Product Information

GC Fuji PLUS® has a simple placement technique produces significantly higher bond strengths than conventional glass ionomer cements, while maintaining the favorable characteristics of glass ionomers: fluoride release, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and biocompatibility to tooth structure and soft tissues.

GC Fuji PLUS® is ideal for indirect metal-free restorations that recommend a resin-reinforced glass ionomer for final cementation – cementable reinforced all ceramic crowns or cementable composite resin restoration like GRADIA®. 

The use of optional GC Fuji PLUS® CONDITIONER prepares the bonding surface, which dramatically increases the bond strength and reduces the chance of pulpal sensitivity. A 20 second application of GC Fuji PLUS® CONDITIONER removes smear layer with a mild citric acid etchant and seals dentinal tubules with its ferric chloride component.

Why choose GC Fuji PLUS®?

  • Outstanding bond strength to tooth structure for long lasting restorations

  • Sustained, rechargeable fluoride release reduces risk of decay at tooth/casting interface

  • Extended working time facilitates cementation of long-span bridges, multiple abutment bridges and multiple unit restorations

  • Clinically insoluble when set -minimizes the chance of an early washout, reduces the risk of microleakage and maintains marginal seal

  • Extremely low film thickness reduces chance of high occlusion

  • Excellent biocompatibility - non-irritating to the tooth structure or soft tissues

  • Radiopaque helps facilitate oral diagnosis

SKU Information

Item Number Description
425035 (US) / 442035 (CA) Capsule No-Etch Starter Package - Contains: Quantity of 48 capsules (0.36 g powder; 0.16 mL liquid per capsule) and 1 GC CAPSULE APPLIER III.
425030 (US) / 442030 (CA) Capsule Package (48) - Contains: Quantity of 48 capsules (0.36 g powder; 0.16 mL liquid per capsule).
000221 GC Fuji PLUS® CONDITIONER - Contains: One (6.5 mL) bottle.
431091 Liquid Refill  - Contains: One (7 mL) bottle of liquid.
431011 Powder Liquid 1:1:1 Kit  - Contains: One (15 g) bottle of powder, 1 (7 mL) bottle of liquid, 1 (6.5 mL) GC Fuji PLUS® CONDITIONER, 1 mixing pad and 1 scoop.
431101 Powder Liquid No-Etch Package - Contains: One (15 g) bottle of powder, 1 (7 mL) bottle of liquid, 1 mixing pad and 1 scoop.
431012 Powder Refill - Contains: One (15 g) package of powder.