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GC Initial® IQ Lustre Pastes ONE

GC Initial® IQ Lustre Pastes ONE

3-Dimensional Ceramic Pastes

The most versatile paintable ceramic with improved fluorescence for external staining as well as internal characterisation of substructures.

GC Initial® IQ Lustre Pastes ONE

Product Information

GC Initial® IQ Lustre Pastes ONE are feldspar-based ceramic materials, available in a ready-to-use consistency. Composed of fine ceramic particles, the 3-dimensional paint pastes add color deepness and lifelike translucency to your monolithic restorations. They can be applied in a thicker layer, guaranteeing unsurpassed vitality and a very natural glaze.

GC Initial® IQ Lustre Pastes ONE are specially developed to give your monolithic restorations a natural fluorescent appearance. The fluorescence can be boosted with Lustre Neutral FLUO (L-NFL).

SKU Information

Item Number Description
877096 V-Shades Set, 88g
876451 Lustre Body Shade A, L-A, 4g
876452 Lustre Body Shade B, L-B, 4g
876453 Lustre Body Shade C, L-C, 4g
876454 Lustre Body Shade D, L-D, 4g
876455 Lustre Paste Neutral, L-N, 4g
876456 Enamel Effect Shade 1, L-1, 4g
876457 Enamel Effect Shade 2, L-2, 4g
876458 Enamel Effect Shade 3, L-3 ,4g
876459 Enamel Effect Shade 4, L-4, 4g
876460 Enamel Effect Shade 5, L-5, 4g
876461 Enamel Effect Shade 6, L-6, 4g
876462 Enamel Effect Shade 7, L-7, 4g
876463 Enamel Effect Shade 8, L-8, 4g
Item Number Description
876464 Enamel Effect Shade 9, L-9, 4g
876465 Enamel Effect Shade 10, L-10, 4g
877054 Plastic Cover
876466 Enamel Effect Shade V, L-V, 4g
876467 Enamel Effect Shade OP, L-OP, 4g
876468 Lustre Paste Neutral, L-NFL, 4g
876449 Diluting Liquid, 8ml
876450 Refresh Liquid, 8ml
876469 Lustre Paste Neutral, L-N, 12g
876470 Lustre Paste Neutral, L-NFL, 12g
877051 GC Initial® Brush 00 LP
877052 GC Initial® Brush 02 LP
877053 Mixing Dish