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Self-Adhesive Resin Luting Cement

A self-adhesive, resin cement that features an advanced formulation that offers unparalleled self-adhesive properties that seal and protect the tooth.


Product Information

G-CEM® helps to eliminate sensitivity, whether the prep is moist or dry. This natural complement to the tooth surface means you will be able to quickly and efficiently handle a variety of restorations with better results, which generates an increase in pleased patients.

G-CEM® has the highest fluoride release capabilities of any self-adhesive resin cement. Its unique hydrophilic chemistry provides a strong seal to all surfaces of the teeth for superb patient comfort. 

G-CEM® is indicated for cementation of metal, ceramic, fiber posts, cast posts and cores. As well as all types of ceramic, resin, metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. For metal, fiberglass and ceramic posts, attach a GC Elongation Tip to the G-CEM® Capsule (GC Elongation Tips allow for closer access to the work area).

Chemical and micromechanical bonding to the enamel, dentin, and restoration surface produces enormous bond strength with a fast set time and reliable results; has the highest bond strength to Zirconia (Zr) Restorations.

Why choose G-CEM®?

  • Has the lowest linear expansion of any self-adhesive resin cement

  • The one step application that sits quickly and cleans up easily

  • Low water uptake and reduces the chance of stain uptake for better color stability and resistance to external stains

  • A no-compromise result with excellent adhesion that permanently stays in place, whether light-cured or self-cured

  • Strong dual-cure chemistry

  • HEMA-free

  • Powerful adhesive strength

  • No risk of post-op sensitivity

  • Durability and dimensional stability

  • High aesthetic quality and color stability

SKU Information

Item Number Description
002588 Assorted Package - Contains: A box of 50 capsules (20 each of Shade A2 and Translucent; 5 each of Shade AO3 and BO1); volume per capsule: 0.17 mL.
002584 Shade A2 - Contains: A box of 50 capsules (volume per capsule: 0.17 mL).
002585 Shade AO3 - Contains: A box of 50 capsules (volume per capsule: 0.17 mL).
002587 Shade BO1 - Contains: A box of 50 capsules (volume per capsule: 0.17 mL).
002586 Translucent - Contains: A box of 50 capsules (volume per capsule: 0.17 mL).
439003 Starter Package - Contains: One capsule assorted package (50 each; volume per capsule: 0.17 mL) and 1 GC CAPSULE APPLIER III.
004414 GC Capsule Elongation Tips (10)