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GC Fuji ORTHO™ LC Automix

GC Fuji ORTHO™ LC Automix

Light-Cured Resin-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Orthodontic Adhesive

New automix system and wet field compatibility makes the process faster and easier for you and your patients.

GC Fuji ORTHO™ LC Automix

Product Information

GC Fuji ORTHO™ LC Automix is a light-cured, resin-reinforced orthodontic glass ionomer bracket adhesive available in easy-to-use automix paste paks, which simplifies the application, ensuring a perfect mix and easier clean-up.

Why choose GC Fuji ORTHO™ LC Automix?

  • Adequate retention and less damage after debanding 

  • Unique gel conditioner increases bond strength without damaging the enamel 

  • Sustained and rechargeable fluoride release helps prevent white spot lesions

  • Moisture-tolerant adhesion for easier bonding

  • Comparable retention strength to resin

SKU Information

Item Number Description
013572 Refill SL - Contains: Two cartridges (13.3 g; 7.2 mL) and 1 mixing pad.
013571 Set SL - Contains: One cartridge (13.3 g; 7.2 mL), 2 GC ORTHO GEL CONDITIONER Syringes (1.4 g; 1.2 mL), 20 Mixing Tips and 15 Brush Tips.
001769 GC Fuji Spatula
003104 GC ORTHO GEL CONDITIONER - Contains: Three GC ORTHO GEL CONDITIONER Syringes (1.4 g; 1.2 mL) and 25 Brush Tips.
423010 GC Mixing Tips SL for Ortho LC (20) - Contains: Quantity of 20 Mixing Tips.