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GC Fujivest® Premium

GC Fujivest® Premium

All-Around, Carbon-Free Phosphate Casting
GC Fujivest® Premium

Product Information

GC Fujivest® Premium is the only material to allow technicians to select either quick or progressive heating without worrying about expansion control. When it comes to a versatile investment, this product simply outperforms nearly every other material.

What makes it a genuine, all-around investment material is the fact that you can now choose between investments, with or without a ring, and an unlimited range of ring sizes. GC Fujivest® Premium is also fully compatible with all types of dental alloys, including non-precious metal alloys. It only takes one little step to compensate for variable contradiction of the alloy - dilute with water. Not only does this keep expansion under control, but it also ensures an accurate fit time after time. No amount of precision can make up for mediocre-quality final castings. This is the reason for our reformulated GC Fujivest® Premium powder mix in order to lay the groundwork.

Why choose GC Fujivest® Premium?

  • User-friendly - permits practical, everyday use at the workplace; fine-tuned to the needs of the modern dental laboratory
  • Smooth and fluid consistency - creates highly accurate reproductions, down to the finest detail 
  • Time-saver - only takes 6 minutes to finish off the investment, gives you plenty of time to invest in more complex bridgeworks, even at higher room temperatures 
  • Assures reliability, consistency and high quality for a perfect fit every time - includes watertight controls that carefully check on each and every batch (not just once, but several times throughout the overall manufacturing process) 
  • Suitable for all types of dental alloys
  • Accommodates ringless techniques in both quick and slow-heating procedures
  • Optimal expansion control by liquid dilution ensures a highly accurate fit
  • Implant suprastructures with non-precious alloys are now safe and straight-forward

SKU Information

Item Number Description
890181 Intro Package - Contains: Four bags of powder (150 g each), one liquid (135 mL) and one casting liner.
890186 Liquid (900 mL) - Contains: One refill liquid (900 mL).
890182 Powder (60 g) - Contains: Quantity of 100 bags of powder (60 g each).
890184 Powder (90 g) - Contains: Quantity of 67 bags of powder (90 g each).
890183 Powder (150 g) - Contains: Quantity of 40 bags of powder (150 g each).
890193 Promo Package - Contains: Quantity of 50 bags of powder (150 g each).