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Heavy Body, VPS Impression Material

Product Information

EXAJET™ is a heavy body Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) impression material that is designed for automated, dynamic mixing machines. EXAJET™ is available in both "Normal" and "Fast" Set formulas. The cartridge installs in the mixing machine in the normal manner and operates the standard dynamic mixing tip.

EXAJET™ is completely compatible with the respective EXA Advanced™ viscosities. EXAJET™ offers the same EXA handling, accuracy, thixotropicity, elastic recovery, stackability, compression and pourability properties to machine mix impression users like EXA Advanced™ offer cartridge users.

Why choose EXAJET™?

  • Normal set:  two minutes working time, four minutes setting time (minimum three minutes in the mouth)
  • Fast set: one minute 30 seconds working time, three minute 15 seconds setting time (minimum two minutes 30 seconds in the mouth)
  • Unsurpassed dimensional stability 
  • No-slumping - the heavy body remains in place while loading both sides of the dual arch trays and stabilizes tray to prevent distortion and rebound
  • Great compression pushes the wash material into the sulcus
  • No taste or odor - preferred by patients over polyethers or rubber base materials

SKU Information

Item Number Description
137611 Heavy Body Fast Set Clinic Package - Contains: Six cartridges (370 mL each).
137613 Heavy Body Fast Set Intro Package - Contains: One cartridge (370 mL), 10 dynamic mixing tips and one bayonet locking ring.
137612 Heavy Body Fast Set Refill Package - Contains: Two cartridges (370 mL each).
137614 Heavy Body Normal Set Clinic Package - Contains: Six cartridges (370 mL each).
137615 Heavy Body Normal Set Intro Package - Contains: One cartridge (370 mL), 10 dynamic mixing tips and 1 bayonet locking ring.
137616 Heavy Body Normal Set Refill Package - Contains: Two cartridges (370 mL each).
150005 Bayonet Locking Rings for EXAJET 370 (5)
150004 Dynamic Mixing Tips for EXAJET 370 (50)