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CHECK-BITE™ Impression Trays

CHECK-BITE™ Impression Trays

Triple Function, Disposable Impression Material Trays
CHECK-BITE™ Impression Trays

Product Information

CHECK-BITE™ triple function, disposable trays assure accurate working impressions and counter impressions of the opposing arch, as well as a precise bite registration in one easy procedure. CHECK-BITE™ trays cover more than half the arch area, resulting in multiple bite registration points for more accurate articulation.

When poured and mounted on the articulator, CHECK-BITE™ impressions produce a pair of contemporary, separable models in true occlusal relationship.

Why choose CHECK-BITE™ Impression Trays?

  • Assures counter impression of opposing arch, accurate working impressions and precise bite registration
  • One easy procedure
  • Full arch, partial, solid, perforated and pediatric uses

SKU Information

Item Number Description
257540 CHECK-BITE™ - Anterior
Contains 40 trays. Dimensions: 2-5/8" W, 1-1/2" L, 3/4" D.
257550 CHECK-BITE™ - Posterior
Contains 50 trays. Dimensions: 2-3/8" W, 2-3/16" L, 3/4" D.